How to Play “Someone Like You” by Adele on Guitar

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15 Responses to How to Play “Someone Like You” by Adele on Guitar

  1. KidScipio says:

    i like your hair. i think i love you.?

  2. jordanian415 says:

    Could you do “How to play Overkill by Colin Hay”?

  3. Alex Russel says:

    Thanks for instructions. This song explained like you did, made it easy!
    I’m impressed with you, too:)?

  4. nung promsang says:

    I like your style thank you.?

  5. Jobert Quinto says:

    I want to learn how to strum and Placking.?

  6. MaloOn Rapper says:

    i don’t understand :/
    i subscribe for you !
    but when i go to your video’s i don’t find any guitar video’s
    all i see it’s vid about food and stuff ! :/ can anyone help me plz !!?

  7. Andrea Michelle says:

    can u give me the chords>?

  8. Sam Khalil says:

    i donnu if i gotta follow your instructions or your PRETTY FACE
    but such a nice viedo .. thanks and keep it up ?

  9. aledellepiane says:

    Jen, can you teach “Africa” by Toto ‘???

  10. MR. TROY says:

    a combination of strum and picking would be cool. Jen is cool :)?

  11. Alondra Corrales says:

    It’s very nice.. Can u play let her go by passenger please!! :)?

  12. Steven Davis says:

    Learned alot from you ty so much!?

  13. Azoray says:

    Which guitar is it? Is is awesome. With the inlays?

  14. Meshack Kimario says:

    thru you i know how to play guitar much love to you?

  15. Yomi says:

    Your sound is very good,love u?

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