How to Play Rockabilly Rhythm Guitar / “Mystery Train” & “Folsom Prison Blues” Style Travis Picking

Beginner’s tips this month! To learn more – Our Travis Picking DVD Download is available here: Like us on Facebook to keep up on w…
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17 Responses to How to Play Rockabilly Rhythm Guitar / “Mystery Train” & “Folsom Prison Blues” Style Travis Picking

  1. Pete Russ says:

    I ve bought the Travis Picking download, and can confirm that its a great
    investment for anyone interested in this style – its well filmed and
    clearly explained. A big thank you to Joe!?

  2. Guttlin Guitars says:

    this camera angle: what a find!! all guitar tuts should be like this. thx

  3. Johnathan Schaaf says:

    This is one best videos on this topic I’ve seen yet! I love how you broke
    the parts down and said what to practice in order to build up to the end
    result. Most videos are just “play it like this”, and then they proceed to
    show off their skill, leaving the viewer scratching their heads
    frustrated. Thanks for making this. Wish I’d seen it 2 years ago when you
    originally posted it. :)?

  4. Tanello82 says:

    downward pick pattern on both bass-E??

  5. Denis Bruyere says:

    Very good and I will learn the Travis style and use it thank you.
    Denis Bruyere?

  6. Tim Myles says:

    What kind of Epi are you playing ? ?

  7. Andy Robinson says:

    Top lesson. Love love the camera angle. You’ve made me feel I could give
    this style a go. Thanks heaps.?

  8. Ugly .Truck says:

    Were you playing a particular song at the beginning??

  9. Noah Stone says:

    The DVD is great, thanks so much. Finger picking and Travis picking is
    fairly new to me and I just started on your DVD. If you want to learn
    finger picking I highly recommend this DVD. I bought the download version
    and there are tons of lessons.?

  10. Simon Molnar says:

    what guitar is that?

  11. Benjamin Hartmann says:

    That is the !BEST! Rockabilly lesson i ever found! Thank you so so much for
    this Tutorial! I thank God for this!?

  12. Matt Rayner says:

    Nice one mate. Thanks.
    I’m such a slugger trying to improve my technique.
    Sweet guitar btw!?

  13. Clint Redman says:

    could you please make a tab of the first one!!! im actually loosing the
    will to live?

  14. sushigimme says:

    Will Ferrell??

  15. mikkel hvid says:

    Hey. Super cool lesson! Really useful!
    But i just wondered how you get the sound. Are you using a pedal or
    something to get that reverb-ish effect? In that case wich one?
    Cause i really like the sound!

    Best regards from Denmark :)?

  16. Matt Rikli says:

    I love this!?

  17. alderete74 says:


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