How to Play “Jolene” by Dolly Parton on Guitar

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16 Responses to How to Play “Jolene” by Dolly Parton on Guitar

  1. jeremias winckler says:

    which of the strums am i supposed to emphasize to get the right sound??

  2. ChloƩ Nicolas says:

    Please guys help me… well, i can’t do the “down down down up down up”,
    because its very ugly when i do that lol so which other “down up” can i do
    for this song ??

  3. IsaClar M says:


  4. regular onion says:

    thanks grimes?

  5. bropeep07 says:

    I like how the first part is Am, C, G, Am, G, G, Am… then she plays and
    sings and it goes Am, C, G, Am, Em, Am?

  6. Kara Clauss says:

    AWESOME!!! thanks so much!!?

  7. x360RatedR says:

    I got done took 3 days to complete thanks but i can’t sing the vocals I’m a
    guy :)?

  8. tendrummers says:

    Your playing is almost as terrible as that shirt . ?

  9. Jaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay says:

    Well it’s a nice try :)?

  10. Kathryn Burke says:

    This confused the shit outta me?

  11. izzysykopth says:

    What a golden voice! I loved this song since I was a kid!?

  12. D'kyn Fehr says:

    Great post. ?

  13. Anneloes Grootendorst says:

    Sorry I didn’t get it. What was the strumming patern again??

  14. Kevin Gobin says:

    verry good?

  15. Christian Jacobi says:

    Thankx a lot!?

  16. stina lindmark says:

    Thanks a lot! You are amazing!?

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