How to play I’m A Believer by The Monkees (Guitar Lesson BS-602)

In this guitar lesson we’re going to check out how to play I’m A Believer by The Monkees. It’s a Stage 6 beginner tunes but has some tricksty bit too. The Justinguitar Beginners Songbook contains…

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16 Responses to How to play I’m A Believer by The Monkees (Guitar Lesson BS-602)

  1. XwhiSprsX says:

    i dont get it xD you go from G to C pretty weird for me hehe,, ( im an
    super beginner, just started for 3days )
    at 0:18 you do it different then 0:30 to go from G to C…
    how am i suposed to learn that lolololo?

  2. paulgrant says:

    A very nervous “that kinda funny”
    (I couldn’t F her if I tried..?

  3. Hugh Rogers says:

    Another day, another great lesson…?

  4. brotherofiam says:

    After the riff play the first G chord barred at 3rd fret, then D, then go
    to open string G. May make the transition a little easier.?

  5. Milan Vucenic says:

    Možda bi bolje pevao da ne nosiš ka?ket…hahah!!!?

  6. Wouter Elling says:

    LOL I couldn’t F her if I tried hahahah?

  7. lyrehcdnayrral says:

    Justin, another great lesson! Thanks, man!?

  8. André Eriksen says:

    I love just Justin: “A little tip there for the pro’s.. Its called:
    Cheating.. ” xD hahaha
    Selftaught musician here, and yyyup been doing that for years, this ‘trick’
    was a simple side effect of playing outside in the cold where ones fingers
    simply cant move as quick due to the cold.?

  9. farandulator fix says:

    soy un justin believer?

  10. michor10 says:

    Nice singing there. ?

  11. Wil Greene says:

    You’re A GOOD teacher! Thanks for the great help on an old favorite!?

  12. cadvan3 says:

    Justin, I still can’t believe that Davey isn’t with us. Thanks for keeping
    it going….?

  13. rumbleofdrums says:

    You confused me. You keep saying that ‘now C is a G chord’ . 🙂
    C was out to G chord LOL?

  14. Jacob "Page" Gregory says:

    i couldn’t f her if I tried … ;)?

  15. NitroMaximus says:

    Then i saw her G string :0?

  16. triptamean says:

    And then I saw her G?

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