How to Play House of The Rising Sun by The Animals on Guitar

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21 Responses to How to Play House of The Rising Sun by The Animals on Guitar

  1. AmericanIsraeliJew says:

    Also I like the way you play that F chord. It’s a bit difficult without
    accidently muting the other string.?

  2. Bowen Graves says:

    thank you thank you thank you so much help now I can play it =D?

  3. Nick T says:

    G string lol?

  4. xen32 says:

    I came to learn the song, ended up fapping instead.?

  5. Archibald Grumbleboots says:

    I came here to learn a song, got head screwed by finger picking so I had a
    game of cricket with my guitar instead.?

  6. Hill Bros. says:

    why does it say F/A chord and indicates an open a string, if you don’t play

  7. Michiel Peters says:

    Awww men, that whoman is ******* beautifull! Aspecially that look on 0:18.
    But thanx for this simple but lovely song to learn. You are a good teacher!?

  8. pat moreno says:

    one question should you have tiny fingers to play a guitar?

  9. i5m1thy says:

    Can’t do the damn f chord, barring is hard :(?

  10. Philip Graham says:

    This tutorial was really useful!?

  11. Hill Bros. says:

    this chick is hot, I could so get off to this.?

  12. David Hardcastle says:

    Very well explained and delivered. Clear, concise and easy to follow
    without waffling on, like some tutorials.?

  13. AmericanIsraeliJew says:

    My hand gets tired fast playing this song.?

  14. Jonas B says:

    Hey, i’m new to guitar, what does the diamond and the crosses mean, could
    anyone please tell me? Thanks in advance :)?

  15. Adrian Vitela says:

    Hahaha how baked are you? SICK VID THO THANK YOU!!!!
    4:20 *BEE STING*?

  16. Michael Strike says:

    Great instructional video. Thanks. I feel like a musician now. Took me a
    day to learn.?

  17. Jay J says:

    I have a huge Sharon crush.?

  18. Laurent Leclercq says:

    you re beautiful?

  19. Henryk Kudraß says:

    hübsche frau und eine big gitarre. voll in ordnung. damit habe ich vor über
    40 jahren angefangen.?

  20. Turtle feet says:

    Don’t teach people chords on this lesson, if they can’t do it then they
    have no business playing this song.?

  21. Don't Trysohard says:

    Skip the A string she said, skip the A string.?

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