How to play Highway To Hell by AC/DC (Guitar Lesson SB-322)

In this guitar lesson we’re checking out Highway To Hell by AC/DC. I show you a few ways to play the main riff and I give you a look at the solo too,not an in depth one, but as I’d looked at…
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23 Responses to How to play Highway To Hell by AC/DC (Guitar Lesson SB-322)

  1. William Laing says:

    such an awesome teacher. thanks for all these lessons!?

  2. Aaron Cruse says:

    What model guitar is that ?

  3. silkhead44 says:

    saw the highway to hell tour when I was a teenager…awesome class?

  4. fiddevogel says:

    dude, nice guitar and stuff…but u need a marshall?

  5. Urankar3 says:


  6. Music Man's Ladies Band says:

    Hi Justin this is Joey from Music Mans Ladies Band! I agree with you, this
    is one of the all time best riffs. I’m still fairly new at all this but I
    really enjoy your lessons. Thank you, keep them coming!?

  7. Blake Brisben says:

    Great video, love this song. Also, have you heard of the evertune bridge.

  8. BrickBlacktoe says:

    Great lesson and great advice at the end of the video!?

  9. Phil G says:

    I called for the cold spoon when I saw this,thanks mate.?

  10. Bushviking says:

    Beautiful guitar! Thx again Justin mate!?

  11. sauer krout says:

    Spiffy Guitar!!?

  12. Ryan Coveyduc says:

    Great job Justin. I’ve gotten used to doing thumb over for that F# base.
    I find it a little less awkward.?

  13. bqk95 says:


  14. Tobi Tobsen says:

    Justin, you are the best.?

  15. lamalordddd says:

    More led zep please?

  16. scorp4165 says:

    Great tune great lesson.Shows a good song doesnt need to be complicated.
    The silence bits add so much.Good luck to Malcolm young who is unwell , we
    are thinking of you.?

  17. robert doran says:

    Great tone!?

  18. Connor Auditore says:

    Do darkness within by machine head plz!!!!!?

  19. Elias Andersson says:

    Love your lessons! Would be really cool if you could do a Pearl Jam song
    (eg Corduroy or Rearviewmirror :D)?

  20. entangle says:

    Wow, what a gorgeous guitar!?

  21. Randy Griner says:

    I miss spoke…the second show was at The Verizon Music Center (it was an
    outdoor Venue)…Market Square Arena had already been torn down….?

  22. ?????? ??????? says:

    Justin thank you!?

  23. Liam Hall says:

    Hmmm… …can’t imagine this one being popular:-)?

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