How To Play “For Whom The Bell Tolls” by Metallica Guitar Lesson

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17 Responses to How To Play “For Whom The Bell Tolls” by Metallica Guitar Lesson

  1. sharkyboy99 says:

    this guy kind of looks like Rob Van Dam?

  2. Ohsnapzdawg says:

    you sound a lot nicer than you look. I bet you hear that a lot too.?

  3. Tate Wilson says:

    What kind of guitar is that? ?

  4. Barry Kneller says:

    You are an AMAZING teacher!!! I dont usually leave comments on here, but I
    just wanted you to know how much I appreciated the lesson (it was very
    helpful) and that I think you are a fantastic guitar teacher. Thank you!?

  5. JsinXx says:

    you are a very good teacher. you really go over everything and talk explain
    it well.?

  6. Dave54600 says:

    Technically, the Karate chop would be the blade of the hand. Oddly enough,
    in Karate too. ?

  7. MercyDisciple says:

    Simply fantastic, very thorough, thoughtful and fluid method. Thank you.?

  8. uygar cetin says:

    Thank you. You are one of the best in here. Would you think of doing some
    songs from Trivium or Pantera too??

  9. sweaty feet says:

    Appretiate it man, started playing in a new band and they wanted me to
    learn this song, it took me almost no time because of you, fascinating.
    Keep up the good work, thank you?

  10. Magna Karta says:

    The chromatic intro to the song is the bass not the guitar, thats why he’s
    not playing that part.?

  11. Jake Stamoulis says:

    Steve Stein is probably the best guitar teacher for learning songs on the

  12. Paul Strohmeier says:

    Well teached thx ?

  13. Steven Rourke says:

    youre an excellent teacher thank you!?

  14. wholedisease says:

    Again no one with the correct interlude part. ?

  15. Jacob Tovey says:

    is this guitar just in just standard tuning as his sounds awesome and mine
    sounds crap??

  16. dinkaDPB says:

    In my time seeing teachers online etc this guy is very good. I can play
    this song very easily but im not going to disrespect this guy or video. ?

  17. MCman5123 says:

    thank u so much!!! u explained this perfectly!!! best teacher eva thanks

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