how to play Europa by Santana – guitar lesson part 1

Facebook: Europa by Santana is the song that inspired Joe Satriani’s career…
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16 Responses to how to play Europa by Santana – guitar lesson part 1

  1. Martin vanB says:

    Although I am no were the player you are, I definitely try! Your material
    is absolutely unmatched. Great job, great lesson, and best of all:
    fantastic playing! THANKYOU.?

  2. Pipbull99 says:

    Again, another fantastic lesson. You’ve got some mean chops bro…
    Suggestion, I can’t quit you baby. I don’t recall anybody doing a lesson
    on it, so you’d be the first. Thanks man, keep on rockin bro.?

  3. pmss212 says:

    thanks , i can play it but i really needed someone like you to put the
    notes in right place and really feel this beautiful tune come alive. not
    good enough just playing it, you need to feel it and you do a great job at
    that,. cant get your tone on my equipment but getting to the point where im
    happy on how it sounds, soon ready to be released worlwide.. Lol.. Great!!!
    Thank you.?

  4. Chris .M says:

    You are truly an unsung and amazing player. I’ve been following quite a few
    of your videos in which you have demonstrated an outstanding ability to
    teach beyond most books and You Tube “Wanna Be’s!”
    Thank You,

  5. Billy B says:

    Can you please tell me your amp and guitar settings along with any pedals
    and effects you may be using to get your Santana Tone.?

  6. nineball26 says:

    AGAIN the spoken voice does not MATCH the guitar volume, NORMALIZATION

    its difficult to deal with these when volume is an issue like maybe a child
    is asleep in the pother room??

  7. Christian Roure says:

    Hi congrats and thanks a lot 🙂 . Just a question , please … what strings
    do you use ??

  8. Kundalini says:

    Great ear & playing, you really captured this one perfectly in every way!
    Best lesson out there on Europa. Excellent teacher too, and I like how you
    get right to it without extra jibber jabber.
    Would you please post a complete Lesson for Santana’s Bella?
    Bella is a great, often overlooked masterpiece by Santana, and would be
    extremely appreciative of your skills to help me learn Bella.?

  9. Joe Caballero says:

    Super good and beautiful tutorial !! Thanks.?

  10. Jojo Silva says:

    Great stuff bro!! perfect name, {shut up and play} and thats what im doin!
    keep up the good work, im learning so much! as Santana would say, Let the
    music set you free!?

  11. Brian Ingram says:

    Chords if anyone needs them (begin at the A-flat note at B-9):
    || Fm7 | B-flat 13 | E-flat maj7 | A-flat maj7 | D half-dim7 | G7
    flat-9 | Cm7 ||?

  12. hong danh says:

    very splendid, very soul?

  13. helmuth montoya says:

    Great job////thank you,?

  14. MarinRayado says:

    Idk why but this song is harder for me to execute than Samba pa ti?

  15. Joseph Mizzi says:

    Great job?

  16. Ángel Ageno says:

    Pure magic! Thanks bro?

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