How to Play Dubstep Guitar – For more music production-y videos + tutorials. Just a quick video explaining the basics of conventional Dubstep Guitar playing.
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14 Responses to How to Play Dubstep Guitar

  1. 10thlevel80 says:

    am i the only one who was wandering why his 12 string is only as a 6 :/ ?

  2. ????? ??????? says:

    I thought he is woman!?

  3. Guitar 187 says:


  4. The Gay Muffin Lord says:

    So what just because someone has long hair that automatically give them a
    vagina? I look at the comments on this channel just like What the fuck?

    By the way I was wondering what shampoo he uses…..He has AWESOME hair! ?

  5. AnotherFanBoy says:

    wheres her boobs?

  6. spacejayson says:

    what a bunch of misinformation….Its obvious to me its all a joke,,, but
    what about the people trying to learn and understand music,, this would
    confuse the hell out of them,, cuz ur being serious and acting like its
    real you should label as a parody ,,, ?

  7. Stein Bernau says:

    im sorry to say this but i hate this guy. so unfunny and annoying.?

  8. ProfessionalDoughnut says:

    if you look closely, you can see that it’s fake… And frickin’ awesome ^^?

  9. boberson33 says:

    I love how so many people can’t even take a joke on here?

  10. 3 Dollars and 50 Cents says:

    Thing is that this is actually possible with the right realtime digital
    audio filters and processing ?

  11. babarain99 says:


  12. xnonsuchx says:

    How do you get so many virgin, sociopathic trolls in your comments??

  13. CarbonFilms117 says:

    LOL. Feel so bad for people where like “omg where can I get one?’?

  14. Ozzmen Stormrage says:

    good job thats how you fuck up with dubstep idiots?

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