How to Play “Billionaire” by Travie Mccoy on Guitar

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25 Responses to How to Play “Billionaire” by Travie Mccoy on Guitar

  1. a2zme says:

    This girl has a very kissable face.?

  2. Steph H says:

    Do you need a capo? Ive never played before so I have no idea ?????

  3. Janina Engelhardt says:

    Well ur damn hot :0?

  4. iThePterodactyl says:

    What’s the strumming pattern? She didn’t show it and I have no idea?

  5. Max ime says:

    but Bruno plays it without capo?

  6. Pete Welch says:

    every time I want to learn a new song on the guitar, if it isn’t jen on the
    vid, I lose interest?

  7. thegamer0 minecrafter says:

    awesome but how in the chorus the number of strum?

  8. Victor Diaz says:

    Why am I so attracted to you ?

  9. K2WProductions says:

    OMG! One of my guitars looks EXACTLY like that one!?

  10. FabulousKilljoy69 says:

    If you can’t figure out a strum pattern by just listening then you’re not a
    real musician.?

  11. chatomonster says:

    Tabs PLEASEEE?

  12. Sabrina Ali says:

    It bruno mars?

  13. Damsith Ashen says:

    Great tutorial.. Thnx… and can u plz do a tutorial on All i need to know
    by thousand foot krutch….?

  14. ari smidt lamhauge says:

    I’m not sure about u know what he meant by the song … because he don’t
    wanna be a billionaire because he can buy stuff for him self but he wanna
    give things to other people who need it, so he can be happy about making a
    diffrence in the world .?

  15. Cece Holt says:

    I love Jen she’s my favorite on the channel?

  16. JBlaze23 says:

    Jeeen just tbh your AWESOME lolz?

  17. NATANROX999 says:

    What’s the strumming pattern for the chorus, I can’t figure it out?

  18. Aimwika Phusri says:

    Thx!! this is easy code to play :)?

  19. tittokeren says:


  20. Rob Darmody says:

    I really like learning songs from your videos. They are easy to follow and
    its fun to hear you get into the song. Just played this song for my friends
    and they liked it. I’ve got more practicing to do but you are really
    helping expand my song book. Thank you. ?

  21. wase ahmadi says:

    I liked the you explained the chords?

  22. Rab Pas says:

    i wish u can tutor us a butterfly by jason mraz?

  23. Christina Afanasieva says:

    You’re very good explaining!!! ~great video :)?

  24. Mark Barbosa says:

    Was she scratching her butt before starting??

  25. Cheerio says:

    Fuck ur B7

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