How to play Behind Blue Eyes by The Who (Guitar Lesson SB-321)

In this guitar lesson we’re checking out Behind Blue Eyes by The Who. More Pete Townsend genius guitar work, pretty trick picking workout this one! This song is from the JustinGuitar Rock…
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16 Responses to How to play Behind Blue Eyes by The Who (Guitar Lesson SB-321)

  1. gasolinechlorine says:

    This was a great lesson. I like how you incorporated all the different
    nuances in the different versions so we can match the one we like best with
    the one we want to play. Good job, and thank you!?

  2. Mike Langbein says:

    I’m always amazed by how damn good that guitar sounds. Great lesson!?

  3. Paul Cooke says:

    ps, you can wing it very easily with power chords for the bridge :)?

  4. rurounisld says:

    Great choise, epic song.?

  5. dan44762000 says:

    Cannot thank this guy enough,he has given me free guitar lessons and taught
    in such a easy to follow manner.and for that i thank you truly.keep up the
    awesome work and i look forward to the next video.?

  6. Paul Cooke says:

    just dig out Who’s Next and listen then wing it… :)?

  7. gjw45 says:

    What happened to your guitar? In the close up it looks like the pick guard
    has taken a beating with something. Surely that’s not from the plectrum is
    it? It’s hard to make out in the video.
    Anyway, great lesson again! That intro can be hard to play it right if
    trying to get it exactly like the record, but most people just play there
    own version. I had it down really well until somebody asked how I was
    playing it. When trying to work out what I was doing, I got lost and
    confused and now make mistakes with this now…lol ?

  8. FlyingJustToFall says:

    Hey Justin.
    I would love to see come City and Colour on your channel, and its weird i
    havent found any yet.
    Songs like: Paradise, Grand Optimist or Sleeping Sickness would be awesome
    to see. They are incredible acoustic songs and has a very unique playstyle.?

  9. vinceven says:

    your singing is still better than Fred Durst’s. if he can do it, so can

  10. Music Man's Ladies Band says:

    Thanks Justin for the lesson. Your guitar sounds great.?

  11. song jihyo says:

    Epic song choice, thanks for this Justin?

  12. shjhdhah says:

    Great Job.
    LoL….l realized just last week after 40 years of listening,,,,that Pete
    spells his name “Townshend”.?

  13. schmittelt says:

    Pete’s original demo is beautiful and something altogether different…I

  14. JackleNarrateur says:

    MacGyver theme song!?

  15. chas1133 says:

    “My love is D Chord”….nice job as usual…?

  16. TopCatOadby says:

    Hi Justin, cool song….great lesson!?

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