How to play A Boy Named Sue by Johnny Cash – Acoustic Guitar Lesson

How to play A Boy Named Sue by Johnny Cash - Acoustic Guitar Lesson

In this video you will learn how to play A Boy Named Sue by Johnny Cash. Go to for more help and free guitar lessons. Looking to take your guitar “game” to a…

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15 Responses to How to play A Boy Named Sue by Johnny Cash – Acoustic Guitar Lesson

  1. yourguitarsage says:
  2. Marcus Dhonn says:

    Brilliant lesson, Just discovered you
    Cheers :)?

  3. Glenn Hynes says:

    Thanks Eric for your time making this video. I’ve loved this song for
    longer than I can remember and you brought me a new found joy by helping me
    to play it for the first time. I appreciate your clarity and
    professionalism. It’s the perfect instruction video. ?

  4. John R says:

    Wow you are a good instructor

  5. John Walters says:

    Nice lesson going to start learning this cheers.. ?

  6. Mark Smith says:

    Great lesson again buddy?

  7. Francesco Olivieri says:

    Thank you so much! ?

  8. Paul Boulton says:

    Top tune. Top lesson. Very much appreciated.?

  9. Lukas Santing says:

    I love the way you do your videos, especially with these simpler ones, I
    can just do something and listen to this in the background and still learn
    something. Good job!?

  10. NightFlyyer says:

    Excellent Sir, simply excellent!?

  11. beverlin66 says:

    Thank you for the lessons?

  12. mistrimagic says:

    Got Guitar for birthday…and have bounced all over YT looking at lessons
    for beginners .. you sir, are a your style and content…
    subscribed and sticking your lessons.?

  13. Clumpfy says:

    Just came home from training and saw your new video. Very cool song, thank
    you very much for the little lesson! I especially like your so called
    “chord noodeling” in the end. Definitely gonna build that in, i always try
    to do stuff like that anyways, but my “creations” mostly don’r work so well

    Thanks again, keep on rocking!

    All the best?

  14. mrlegkick666 says:

    nice lesson subscribed?

  15. Joakim Eriksson says:

    Very good video! More Johnny Cash songs please!?

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