HOW TO INSTALL A GUITAR PICKUP (upgrade, rewire, solder & replace pickups)

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22 Responses to HOW TO INSTALL A GUITAR PICKUP (upgrade, rewire, solder & replace pickups)

  1. Bone Wax says:

    putting new pickups in a bc rich is like putting a v12 in a fucking GEO
    Storm. Why bother.?

  2. Joe Clilverd says:

    18:25 made me frigging jump! so sleepy – i thought the pickup was gonna hit
    you in the face haha?

  3. J.Burdette~2112 says:

    I’m a do it yourselfer as well TK,man I have made a dent or scratch or two
    myself…you did fine brother ..nice Job good demo….?

  4. Joe Clilverd says:

    those mounting springs – so simple! i wish i watched this a few years ago
    when each one took me about 4 attempts on my first strat build.


  5. SuperMan says:

    Soldering tweezers make life a lot easier when messing about with these
    tiny cables (tinning wires also). No need to take the pots out to get the
    wires into tight spots.

    Multi-meter helps a lot also. Once you’ve made a join, check the
    continuity. Just because you’ve soldered something in, doesn’t
    automatically mean it’s a good connection. I learned that one the hard way

  6. Mipi Fender says:

    Thank you very much Louis!! Very good video, learned a lot! Like your
    channel !!!! ?

  7. Christopher Walter says:

    That’s a cool shop ya got there. Nice rigs I see.?

  8. mike petras says:

    hi mr. tone king. I have a question for you. im preparing to buy a squire
    vintage jazzmaster I think it’s 3 or 400 bucks. I would like your expert
    knowledge on besides installing new fender pickups that are $139, what else
    in that guitar would have to be upgraded to make it like the 900 dollar
    fender and roughly how much would it cost ? my hope is that it will still
    be cheaper than buy the 900 dollar fender version. could that be the case
    mr. tone king ? thanks for our time… love your videos too. ….?

  9. TMD2727 says:

    my guitar works besides the neck pickup. There are 2 blues wires one from
    the big lightgray wire and big black wire. I’m afraid to put them together,
    incase it messes it up. any idea???

  10. Dennis Long says:

    Thanks for the tips, and for some pretty sweet guitar licks!?

  11. flashy5150 says:

    There is on important thing that I would have done before soldering—–
    and that is covering the area around where you are working with cardboard
    so no solder drops on the finish. Also, when you solder to pots, they get
    really hot and the heat will travel right to the tip of the potentiometer
    and if the pot is against any part of the painted finish of the guitar, it
    “will” melt right in and create a real mess of the guitars finish. I always
    tape cardboard around where I’m soldering to the guitar and I also pop the
    controls out to give me more room to move when I solder. I don’t have the
    steadiest hands so I prepare for the worst. Cheers?

  12. M3X1CANxNINJA says:

    i needed this one of my pick ups don’t work?

  13. gustaf karlsson says:

    Can you take a pair of humbuckers from one guitar and put them in another

  14. gilbert reyna says:

    Great job awesome ?

  15. dunboozin says:

    what happens if you put the lead humbucker in the neck position. Sound and
    dynamics wise ??

  16. steve lester says:

    Good choice in the new pickups they seem to be the popular among the
    pros,and you need a new camera guy that kid was all over the place lol.?

  17. The One says:

    On the shiny V3 amp I can see a Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier ;)?

  18. ??????????? ??????? Beat.Com.Ua says:

    HOW TO INSTALL A GUITAR PICKUP (upgrade, rewire, solder & replace pickups)?

  19. Miguel Perez says:

    wow!! thanks for you Video !!?

  20. cast390 says:

    TTK Rules and owns ALL youtube vid posters on how to install a pickup.Very
    thorough…THANK YOU TTK!!!!?

  21. John Howe says:

    You don’t blow on solder to cool it, bad idea.?

  22. Alex Tapovski says:

    Phil Ups…wtf??

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