How to build an acoustic guitar

step by step guitar building.
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18 Responses to How to build an acoustic guitar

  1. naufal tirto says:

    I wanna hear her sound ,she must be perfect for you haha?

  2. Pedro Dooley says:

    Amazing skills. Love to hear how she plays.?

  3. ethano rawlinsino says:

    Looks awesome but might sound like someone shitting in someone’s mouth?

  4. cagri tuna says:

    That was amazing !?

  5. Artemus Rodricq says:

    i would like to hear how it plays…?

  6. Tim Pinkelman says:

    Looks wonderful… but wont sound good at all. The wood was WAY too thick
    to resonate?

  7. Rob Gillan says:

    Cool vid dude. WE WANNA HEAR IT!!!!!?

  8. The Autistic Rev says:

    I am both a wood worker and an acoustic guitarist, but never have I gone so
    far as putting the two together to make one. I’d like to, but it would be
    a lot to learn. So I just want to ask, how many days did it take to do

  9. BAK87 says:

    Mighty fine?

  10. MrRideutah says:

    Looks good but sound might be ….eh?

  11. Dominik Kvocka says:

    It’s look awesome…?

  12. André da Mata says:

    great job.. but i dont like the shape! want to hear the sound… congrats?

  13. killian crew says:

    how does it sound??

  14. Shawn McShane says:

    Wow. Simply inspiring. very nice work. Thanks for posting. How does she

  15. pbhello says:


  16. Madeleine Adams says:

    How long did this take you? I’m interested in building a guitar myself,
    yours turned out beautiful :)?

  17. Apisit Pakine says:


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