Hallelujah – Jeff Buckley (original by Leonard Cohen) – Easy Guitar Tutorial (No Capo)

Hallelujah - Jeff Buckley (original by Leonard Cohen) - Easy Guitar Tutorial (No Capo)

http://learnguitarfasttips.com – An easy guitar lesson for beginners who want to learn to play (and sing) “Hallelujah” by Jeff Buckley (original by Leonard C…
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23 Responses to Hallelujah – Jeff Buckley (original by Leonard Cohen) – Easy Guitar Tutorial (No Capo)

  1. Djanko frog says:

    Hi I really like this video!! I want to ask you if I put on the capo on the
    first thread. Do I need to tune the guitar to the regular
    E B G D A E?

  2. Dennis Stewart says:

    Thanks. and to you Tedo, shut yup you worthless hack.?

  3. Zjulsen s says:

    I suppose you came here to hear him going through the song.. so just skip
    to 3:00?

  4. Saad Maqsood says:

    awesome!!!!! thanks ?

  5. Diana Hesti says:

    Nice,, more easy for us as a beginner to play.?

  6. Alex S says:

    I thought it was an E7?

  7. harc anium says:

    the song is in triple meter not quadruple?

  8. JSal72188 says:

    first song ever learned on guitar, and o totally use this!
    thank you!!!?

  9. Jasmine Hardy says:

    Really good?

  10. jbode11 says:

    Great tutorial 🙂 What guitar do you use? ?

  11. Miyu Senpai says:

    please don’t talk so much e.e?

  12. Sallie De Silva says:

    Thank you…. I so enjoyed this totorial, and the strumming pattern is
    great for me!

  13. Olivier Verhaeghe says:

    great tutorial!! thanks!!?

  14. Wendy Carter-Bee says:

    As a beginner with a basic chord knowledge this is a fantastic video!
    Thanks you so much for this, you are a legend!! <3?

  15. Sean Anderson says:

    Thanks for the tutorial !?

  16. mike45781 says:

    i need to search for my capo?

  17. Big Bad Elephant says:

    Hallelujah brother. ?

  18. Kacey White says:

    @startrek345 thank you! It’s for an over due present :)?

  19. charda01 says:

    Thanks for the easy strum for this song! The chords I have are a bit
    different–Em when you use Am, and a few other changes, but both seem to
    work. ?

  20. Arperture says:

    Anyone know what guitar he has? Oh it dosent matter anyway, you can get an
    inbox on the new YouTube on iPad…?

  21. XTREM Officiel says:

    You have a great voice!?

  22. Tanya McCarthy says:

    Creep please by Radiohead?

  23. DT Carlson says:

    Great video! The only thing is that Jeff Buckley uses an E7 chord rather
    than an Em chord on “composing”. It sounds funky, but it’s how he plays it.
    You can hear the g# (which is a major 3rd above e) bass in the recording.?

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