Gustavo Santaolalla: The Last of us Main Theme – Guitar Cover – Callum McGaw + FREE TABS

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23 Responses to Gustavo Santaolalla: The Last of us Main Theme – Guitar Cover – Callum McGaw + FREE TABS

  1. CallumMcGaw says:

    ANNOUNCEMENT: TABS are now available for this Piece 🙂 Check in the
    Description for the link to download them 🙂

    Thank you for watching :D?

  2. Jeffrey Rocky says:

    Is this classical guitar right ??

  3. Kris Douglass says:

    be my friend plux?

  4. Felipe Guedes says:

    That’s sounds amazing, bro. Nice cover! Don’t care about the trolls xD?

  5. MyNameIsNotBoris says:

    any chance you can do a “how to” or tutorial? either way, sweet cover, you
    got yourself another sub. Keep up the good work man.?

  6. Max Sparke says:

    This is slowly but surely inspiring me to learn how to play guitar.?

  7. Jose Gil says:

    Which kind of acoustic guitar you need to do this? And are you using Steel
    of Nylon? ?

  8. Iver Flenstad says:

    Beautiful<3 please say u have a torturial video for this song! 😀 ?

  9. Smashthatteemo says:

    Man you play this song so well! Thank you for uploading this.Made my day!?

  10. Monster Nico says:

    I think its a little to fast, or not? Well done dude..
    Im playing guitar too, but not like this :D?

  11. Sophie Proud says:

    Brilliant cover! Great job! Captures the very essence of the song. :)?

  12. Black Death plague says:

    Tuning? :D?

  13. Joachim Heinrich says:

    I didn’t play the game and I don’t know the exact story but the music of
    this game is breathtaking…and your video is it too, I’m absolutely in
    love with your channel!! 😀
    Very well performance, keep up your amazing work!?

  14. PotatoJoeGaming says:

    Proper jealous, wish i could do this so bad! Nice cover!?

  15. tehepicgamer45 says:

    4,000 subs come on YouTube,it breaks my heart you watch bigger youtubers
    with millions of subs when they suck their thumb but someone playing guitar
    amazingly only gets 4,000 subs?

  16. IsabelleAnne33 says:

    Beautiful :)?

  17. Pablo Mendoza says:

    WOW… That was amazing and thanks for leaving the tabs because I never
    knew how to play guitar but now I’m getting the hang of it?

  18. Marco Aurélio Alves says:

    Very Nice ;D?

  19. Ahmet Aydemir says:

    Thank you for sharing, you are so good, I loved your video?

  20. Dreck Zap says:

    Gonna practise this every day!!!!! thx ^^?

  21. Naveen Cox says:

    I’m currently teaching myself guitar and would really like to learn this.
    Any thoughts on the difficulty of the song??

  22. r3i6nm8n says:

    Good shit man!?

  23. grace cassar says:

    wooow , ur amazing man , ur gifted , ur just wonderful, ?

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