Guitar Technique: Vibrato [Arm Movement] Clapton Style (Guitar Lesson TE-110)

In this guitar lesson we’ll be looking at vibrato, specifically the one where you use your whole arm movement to make it happen. This is used by Clapton, Mayer and many others but I’d suggest…

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5 Responses to Guitar Technique: Vibrato [Arm Movement] Clapton Style (Guitar Lesson TE-110)

  1. saedt says:

    BB King is also a good person to watch if you wanna do this technique I
    remember I saw a video about it ^ ^
    EDIT: I think that’s who he “nicked” it off 😛

    Awesome lesson as usual Justin!?

  2. Mario Brenes says:

    I didn’t know this type of vibrato was less common. My natural ”default”
    vibrato is this one, is easier for me, easier than keeping my hand in the
    neck. Thanks Justin!?

  3. Savas Ian says:

    thanks justin! nice tips at the end…?

  4. Ron Gerritse says:

    trying to copy you, that is a pain!?

  5. gatisnolv says:

    From about 5:00 to 5:42 I almost got confused about what it was you were
    teaching in this lesson. I guess this technique has its applications beyond
    Just kidding. Awesome lesson as always. Thanks!?

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