Guitar Technique: Minimum Movement Exercise (Guitar Lesson TE-004)

In this guitar lesson we’ll be looking at a the Minimum Movement Exercise, a super powerful exercise that will help you take proper control of your fingers! Taught by Justin Sandercoe. Full…

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20 Responses to Guitar Technique: Minimum Movement Exercise (Guitar Lesson TE-004)

  1. INI SCH says:

    Thanks Justin ?

  2. NiouxsieNioux says:

    Amazing coincidence. I happened to be looking through your intermediate
    lessons yesterday and saw your initial video about this. I found one of the
    few things I was unaware of in my playing was my flying fingers, and
    lo-and-behold, here’s a video on the same subject the day after. I guess
    this must be a sign haha. I’ll get right on practising that. Thanks Justin.?

  3. harry smith says:

    thank you so much for this. Im learning the guitar as a form of therapy
    from a stressful trauma at work and only when I play the guitar that I feel
    normal. I cant afford lessons, so thank you so much for your so well
    structured teachings. God bless you one hundred fold.?

  4. aceridgey says:

    Justin, I cannot tell you how valuable your guitar lessons are to the
    international community. I subscribed back when you first started and even
    though at times I have had long periods without the guitar, you always
    feature on my youtube subscription box. Thanks!?

  5. Ben Pries says:

    Nice tips! Often the reason is why people can not play fast.

    Best regards from Germany
    Ben :)?

  6. Chris Kalas says:

    this also is equally important for the picking hand. i find monitoring your
    movements on a webcam or in a mirror is also beneficial.?

  7. Joel George says:

    ya’ll know he’s the Real Deal!! There are hundreds of people out there who
    claim to be giving away lessons for free but end the end you end up at a
    page asking for paid subscription. But this fellow right here (God Bless
    Him!!) i believe is the only person who really gives free lessons (check
    out his website you’ll come to know . Whatever i know
    i owe it to you Justin. Thanks Man.?

  8. weshard1 says:

    My teacher taught me this 17 years ago, but I didn’t follow his advice.
    Maybe now I’ll actually practise this.?

  9. Mike C. says:

    Thanks, Justin for these lessons! This one is deceptively difficult.?

  10. Markus Stelzer says:

    “little finger wants to go heeeeeeey” :D?

  11. Alex Padilla says:

    Play with economy picking and you wont have flying fingers.?

  12. Mike Glendinning says:

    I use to put my left hand against the wall. Kind of worked. ?

  13. Andrew Pincock says:

    I’ve been looking for a video on finger efficiency! I’ll be sharing this
    with my students.?

  14. shadybrain3424 says:

    something ive had a problem with for a while great video man thanks?

  15. Dan Carlyon says:

    I thought it wouldn’t be that hard, how wrong I was….?

  16. Renata Gozdziak says:

    I love the updated lessons – but I kinda miss the old couch… ;(?

  17. lonewolf1234512345 says:

    an ex-girlfriend was a master at this?

  18. dmaradona10 says:

    My pinky flies all over the place!!! ahhhhhhhhhh!!?

  19. Robert Barros says:

    Alexander point a way if you couldn’t follow Justin finger. However, what
    is the right finger change chord by chord??

  20. Guido Devos says:

    You’re such a marvellous teacher, Justin I do appreciate your advice so

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