Guitar – Peter Nalitch Peter Nalitch.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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24 Responses to Guitar – Peter Nalitch

  1. AppleMagicHD says:

    Oh, my Russia. ?

  2. fatdessa says:


  3. Andrea Stonini says:

    fight club re mounia?

  4. Nicolay Doytchev says:

    In case you haven’t seen this – press Play.?

  5. Chris Baboolal says:

    And possibly, my favourite music video of all time.

    Guitar – Peter Nalitch?

  6. Agnieszka Rutkowska says:

    cause me is so cool ;DDD?

  7. Mariachiara Michieli says:

    baby, you have the possibility…?

  8. Egor Pasko says:

    My favorite song in English. Performed by Peter Nalich. By the way, he
    graduated from the Moscow Academy of Architecture.?

  9. emo markov says:

    ????? ??? ????????? ?? ?????!?

  10. Carl-Johan Sveningsson says:

    Ear-worm of the morning. You’re welcome 🙂


  11. Anna Psurtseva says:

    i’ve never been clever because needed never! oh my gosh! he’s right :)))
    why should you be clever if you need it never??

  12. Vladimir Barkov says:

    Guitar – Peter Nalitch?

  13. Mihail Arnaudov says:
  14. H. Constantinos says:
  15. Joseph Vinegar says:

    the peak of human achievement in the musical field. Lyrics, accent, video:
    everything top notch.?

  16. Andrea Montuschi says:

    un must
    Guitar – Peter Nalitch?

  17. Matti Palmström says:

    The song for tonight.

    #PeterNalitch ?

  18. Haukur Hauksson says:

    great song!!?

  19. MrNyashka says:


  20. Erza Scarlet says:

    we had a english lesson about this song haha?

  21. psakie says:

    so lovely!?

  22. Anastasia Chumakova says:

    I have never been clever – because needed neverrrrrr?

  23. Christos Andrianopoulos says:

    Cyprus… come to my Boudoir?

  24. Tamer Hozayen says:

    amazing song my kids love it?

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