Guitar instrumentals

various acoustic guitar songs by various artists (Masaaki Kishibe, Kotaro Oshio, Sungha Jung, etc)
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  1. 1xjhonx9 says:

    0:00-Kotaro Oshio-Wind song
    9:20-Masaaki Kishibe – ?????? (sleepless night)
    30:20-Kotaro Oshio – ??(Promises)
    35:05-Masaaki Kishibe – November
    43:23-Masaaki Kishibe- Miracle Mountain
    47:54-Masaaki Kishibe- Hana (flower)
    51:12-Kotaro Oshio- Lovin you
    55:15-Kotaro Oshio- Looked up to see the night of the stars
    59:20-Kotaro Oshio- Oasis
    1:17:33-Howl’s Moving Castle Theme
    1:25:45-Masaaki Kishibe- Hajimari
    1:31:33-Kotaro Oshio- First Love
    1:53:00-Kotaro Oshio – Canon?

  2. Ana Zaragoza says:

    Es una pena que hoy en día, casi todo el mundo se pierda maravillas como

  3. Fathom XalxTV says:

    Where can you find the tabs for every single one of these songs??

  4. erne says:

    ?BGM??working??studying?…Guitar instrumentals
    enjoy one’s time…
    My Favorite? ? ?
    Guitar instrumentals

    #guitar #instrumentalmusic #work #relaxing
    #Instrumentals #Working #Studying #BGM?

  5. T4L7 says:

    This is just great!
    Is this 1 guitar playing? or more playing simultaneously??

  6. phone40bill says:

    First one is Wind Song from Kotaro Oshio in case you guys wonder ?

  7. Nat Asha says:

    1:54:10 OMG! This is Canon by Pachelbel, my gosh! My favorite <3?

  8. Dylan Smith says:

    First song almost made me cry.?

  9. m hafiz says:

    what is the name of the first song??
    anyone know??

  10. diego martinez says:

    buenas melodias para fondos de peliculas series o novelas?

  11. Veaceslav BARBARII says:

    Paradisiacal music! 🙂

  12. Karolina Skoczen says:

    guitar los palmos muchachos :-)?

  13. gonzalo caballero says:

    Como se llama el primer instrumental. Alguien, Por favor???

  14. Harsh Nagda says:

    #Beautiful ?

  15. Brinetta Thomas says:

    Love this! I use it as a background along with ocean sounds while I’m at

  16. Joseph Domínguez says:

    Sería genial que publiquen el nombre de todas las canciones T.T.?

  17. Samuel Kim says:

    Simply amazing…beyond words..genuine art.?

  18. Tony Andrade says:

    maravilha!!!! estas musicas embelezam a alma!!!?

  19. nhutien vo says:

    what is the name of the song at 2:01:15? thanks!?

  20. xxvivacexx says:

    song at 55:30?? anyone???

  21. GUITARISTm14 says:

    If anyone has enough has the information for some of these song titles that
    would be so cool! 🙂 In particular the second song played and the third
    one! I really like that one.?

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