Guitar Backing Track, Blues Rock A Minor

Guitar Backing Track A minor

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18 Responses to Guitar Backing Track, Blues Rock A Minor

  1. Smiley01987 says:

    Sounds great! Thanks for sharing this!?

  2. BigWill/TheSuperBluesUniverse says:

    Really Great & Awesome Blues Backing Track!! Big Thumbs Up!!

    – Big Will / The Super Blues Universe?

  3. Rawker Roller says:

    Good track!! But it doesn’t soun like Blues rock. I think it is something
    in between hard rock, Latin Rock and Folk Rock.?

  4. Cherry Black says:

    Pretty much… “Under My Thumb”.?

  5. SnakeHiggins says:

    Damn this is fun to play to. Very easy to catch a good rhythm, just played
    over all 13 minutes.?

  6. MrBlake6332 says:

    Absolutely one of the best tracks I’ve jammed to in a LONG time?

  7. Klaas Hettinga says:

    Certainly not a bad track, but it’s no blues though. ?

  8. MadTVization says:

    13 minutes, my fingers are dead x’) BUT I CAN STAP ! ?

  9. cristian araque says:

    brother sell this track, brother you have this song for sale

  10. Sam Squanch says:

    Does this having me smiling or what!?!?!?!!!!?

  11. dontmindifido32 says:

    i can only hope this track had health insurance from what i just did to it.?

  12. matt pearce says:

    Hi guitartracker’s channel, I love this backing track I’ve recorded a quick
    tapping lick over your bt and posted it on my channel, hope you don’t mind
    me using it? if so I will gladly take it down. Regards Matt ?

  13. HUTCHfromBA says:

    I love this backing track ! Thank you.?

  14. cristian araque says:

    mierda esta genial esta pista es lo maximo la mejor

  15. Spike Ster says:

    Great! Love it, thanks?

  16. gabriel garcia says:

    love this track. just starting using pentatonics to learn how to improvise
    and this made it so easy that the notes just flowed out of me.?

  17. Fede mkelly says:

    under my thumb?

  18. Jean Hanauer says:


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