Frozen – Let It Go (Guitar Cover)

Get the tabs and backing track here: Chris Liepe from JamPlay.Com has developed an amazing guitar rendetion of the song “Let It Go” fro…

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13 Responses to Frozen – Let It Go (Guitar Cover)

  1. JamPlayDotCom says:

    Get the tabs and backing track here:

  2. JamPlayDotCom says:

    Put a “1” in a comment if you want the backing track and tabs for this. If
    I get enough response I’ll add them to the description for everyone. –

  3. Marcus Triton says:

    Bravo. Outstanding. TY.?

  4. ryanch94 says:

    Fuck sake, sick of seeing this song everywhere, un-subbing.?

  5. Paul Cobo says:

    Smooth ….?

  6. Luis Rodrigues says:


  7. NikkoDaniels says:

    VERY nicely done!
    I have to admit, I’m a little tired of hearing this over-hyped song (the
    original version) but he has breathed new life to it!?

  8. Marcus Vinnas says:

    My child loves it, congrats! Where could I find the BT? Tks!?

  9. Zhe Shuen Chong says:

    nice . i wish i know how to play .?

  10. Chung Junwoo says:


  11. David Janes says:

    My kid loves this song! Thanks.?

  12. Nicholas Durana says:

    kinda sounds joe satriani-ish?

  13. Venus Panthar says:

    COOL rendition!!

    #guitarplayer #guitarsolo ?

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