Fret MD: Electric Guitar and Bass Setup and Maintenance

This DVD demonstrates basic but essential techniques for improving the overall sound, feel, look and playability of an electric guitar or bass. Al Markasky, a professional luthier with over thirty years of experience, shares his accumulated knowledge and demonstrates his carefully refined and perfected Five Step Setup Method for Electrics(tm).

Fret MD: Electric Guitar and Bass Setup and Maintenance includes proven techniques for fixing fret buzz, correcting high or low action and improving intonation*.


1. Neck Adjustment
2. Nut Adjustment (Filing Slots)
2a. Nut Adjustment (Raising a Low Nut)
3. Setting Action at the Bridge (on a Fender Style Bridge)
4. Setting Intonation (on a Fender Style Bridge)
5. Setting Pickup Height
6. Special considerations for Bass

Repair and Maintenance
1. Cleaning a dirty fretboard
2. Cleaning a dirty fretboard (Razor Blade Technique)
3. Cleaning potentiometers

Bonus Materials
1. Notes on Pickups and Electronics
2. Guitar Anatomy 101
3. Mike and Ron Visit Al

Fret MD: Acoustic Guitar Setup and Maintenance was shot on three cameras for maximum visual coverage and includes visual notation of standard and metric measurements used during setup.

* Some cases of fret buzz, high or low action and poor intonation may not be repairable using the techniques included in this video.

This product is manufactured on demand using DVD-R recordable media.’s standard return policy will apply.

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