Flamenco Classic Guitar Assembly

Flamenco Classic Guitar Construction Body Assembly Port Orford Cedar Stansell Guitars.
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22 Responses to Flamenco Classic Guitar Assembly

  1. Not4v4ilable says:


  2. Per Lindhof Frederiksen says:

    Beautiful and very artistic work.

    The music is lovely too. Any idea how it was recorded? The sound of that
    guitar is seriousely present and personal.

    Kind regards
    Per Lindhof?

  3. ?????? ????? says:

    ? ??????? ????? ????? ??????? ? ???? ??????..?

  4. Fran Ebarlin says:

    Can anybody tell me the name of the first piece??

  5. neko toy says:


  6. Bruce Levine says:

    nice gluing jigs smart idea?


    What is the time from start to completion??


    How on earth does someone have this talent? I cant hang a picture!?

  9. Matthias Jezequel says:

    absolutely wonderful work.?

  10. 221Dw says:

    Whats the reason for using different glue for the back lining that
    soundboard ones??

  11. Les Stansell says:

    Water soluble glue is recommended for future disassembly. Also, hide glue
    shrinks while it dry’s, therefore is perfect for tentalonies as no clamping
    is required. Also, applied generously, hide glue is an excellent sound
    conductor coupling the top to the body. Also allows “floating ” the body
    assembly to the top with no top distortion, therefore marrying the top in
    its “resting position”. It’s all about freeing up and milking every last
    drop of the tonal response of the wood.

  12. mikelheron20 says:

    Absolutely fascinating but why didnt we get to see the whole process?

  13. jop33 says:

    Wow!! How much did the finished guitar weigh in the end?

  14. Hernan Morales says:

    Eres Psicólogo ? o algo así ?

  15. AxeTangent says:

    What is that piece that starts at 6:24?

  16. macguionbajo says:

    Esto es absolutamente hermoso!

  17. Tim Geers says:

    Hi Les why do you use hide glue fot the top ? is this to make future
    repairs easier ?

  18. oportunidade certa says:

    Dear Luthier, congratulations for the great work. And I want to ask you a
    question. When buying a new guitar it is necessary to take the luthier to
    adjust or align the guitar? Its take risk in thin veneer? I thank you, hug.
    Gilson (Brasil)

  19. Ayres says:


  20. guitarcat5 says:

    Beautiful, clean work! All that TLC should transfer from the inside to the
    overall sound! Don’t you feel a little sad when you put it together…and
    all those lovely careful contours disappear!!(especially on the top!!)
    Regards, Anni ^..^

  21. TheKidSalvador says:

    Is the music Villa-Lobos?

  22. giuliano comoglio says:

    exellent!!! i have a question: what glue is the sintetic white glue that
    you used in this video?

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