“Famous Guitar Music” Pepe Romero (full 1977 vinyl album)

Side1: 00:00 Francisco Tarrega “Recuerdos de la Alhambra”; 4:49 Heitor Villa-Lobos “Prelude No. 1 in E Minor”; 10:34 Antonio Lauro “El Marabino”; 11:48 Isaac…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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13 Responses to “Famous Guitar Music” Pepe Romero (full 1977 vinyl album)

  1. r cuomo says:

    Mistake at 5:32? ?

  2. K Boudreaux says:

    this album probably put him on the map?

  3. Leo Hekker says:

    Thank you for sharing?

  4. Carlos heredia cancela says:


  5. roberto aranci says:

    E’ giusto titolo nell’olimpo dei grandi della chitarra!?

  6. cheung jane says:

    best tremolo?

  7. Venetia Featherstone-Witty says:

    Winding down with this beautiful guitar music! Bonus: NO COMMERCIALS to
    interrupt the flow!?

  8. Paolo D'Alessandro says:
  9. Liney Dias says:

    Especial raridade. “Famous Guitar Music” Pepe Romero (full 1977 vinyl

  10. Michajeru says:

    This is a truly beautiful album. I love Pepe,s playing and his brother
    Angel is wonderful as well.?

  11. Scott Adler says:

    Can anyone clean up the sound? The pops and crackles can be startling.?

  12. rodcrippler says:

    +TrydisMikee hey man could you especify, in the info about the video, the
    time around every song piece starts? Thanks for the upload, this is a

  13. Allan Wells says:

    I have an album of his younger brother Angel as a young man and the playing
    is phenomenal; a great musical family. I’ve read that their father
    Celedonio (unsure of spelling) was also a great guitarist. Pepe’s
    interpretation of Asturias is right up there with Alirio Diaz and Hose Luis
    Gonzalez. Wonderful!!?

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