Faces – Ooh La La – How to Play on Acoustic Guitar – Acoustic Songs

rhythm lesson http://www.guitarjamz.com/beginner_strum/ Also I appreciate all the support Links : Facebook http://goo.gl/RKWhcZ Twitter https://twitter.com/M…

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14 Responses to Faces – Ooh La La – How to Play on Acoustic Guitar – Acoustic Songs

  1. Nathan Follett says:

    Can you do Say hey I love you by Michael Franti??

  2. Paul Scannapieco says:

    blow my beginner guitarist mind at 5:18, so cool?

  3. Adam Quick says:

    Thanks Marty!!?

  4. Alex Alex says:

    Thanks, Marty. ?????? ?? ??????:)?

  5. TheStricky says:

    can you please do Curtis Stiger’s, “This Life”?
    It’s the Sons of Anarchy Theme song, and it’s pretty badass. ?

  6. dbsound88 says:

    Faces wow, Ronnie Lane Ronnie Wood And Rod. Old songs Marty yeah..?

  7. Hasan SA?LAM says:

    Please play Milky change- stolen dance it has not only chord part but also
    solo and i think it will be great ?????

  8. tom abourmad says:

    I don’t like the way Ringo is staring at me?

  9. Kenneth Mitchell says:

    Marty, ever think about doing a lesson on Stranger Things Have Happened-
    Foo Fighters? Sounds cool and I’d love to learn it. ?

  10. Frantisek Vorisek says:

    Great song and good practice…!! Good Job?

  11. Henry Robinson-Duff says:

    request for say hey i love you Franti please?

  12. Austin7R says:

    Please do Achilles Last Stand!?

  13. Dollie Goddess says:

    Thanks Marty!!!! Love this!!!!!?

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