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24 Responses to Ewan Dobson – Time 2 – Guitar – www.candyrat.com

  1. Raven Shire says:

    why do you ware the hat?

  2. tony richards says:

    Just great guitar?

  3. mokonoandrisatya says:

    Is it really played with only the guitar?
    It’s so amazing!! Someday, I wanna play like you


  4. CHTrulez says:

    +WanteD inDiffer :DD ENJOY?

  5. Doddy SX says:


    *amazing trance played on an acoustic guitar*

    +veyz el muhammad mainkan!!?

  6. Taw Seef says:

    I just searched for the Big Sur Moon song everyone is saying this guy
    copied. Big Sur Moon sucks. This rocks!!! ?

  7. Mark Johnson says:

    I love this guy i swear ..Bet he was wincing though ,, he F….D it up 2:24
    to 2:28?

  8. Alexandre Ramos says:

    Ewan, you´ve just blown me away with that song; it´s hard for me to find an
    adjective to describe the feeling I get with Time 2… Great control of the

  9. Altar del cielo says:

    Same materials/Form than “Big sur moon by Buckethead, from album

  10. Felix Frost says:

    Ok…amazing.would be even more amazing if it was only the guitar..if u
    know what I mean;p
    But dude full of awe!?

  11. ast5515 says:

    Looks like the community is getting a bit closer to being mature.
    There are no lamp jokes in the first 3 comments!?

  12. vargasisking says:

    Take out the delay effect and this becomes 75% less impressive?

  13. Shelbi Cushley says:

    What’s the name of this tune??

  14. JXYTC says:

    I was typing in stuff like “Awsome guitar player” and I couldn’t find this
    video so I typed in “lamp shade playing guitar” and this was the first vid
    to come up XD?

  15. Christopher Stronstad says:

    That lamp is amazing at playing guitar?

  16. ???? kobayashi masanori says:


  17. Ilgar afa says:

    zaheer from korra?

  18. Art of Leslie says:

    Out of this world. Amazing!?

  19. Monkey D. Ruffy says:

    very nice?

  20. Games Ruslan says:

    ?????? ??????)?

  21. George Hamilton says:

    You all must have rather strangely shaped lamps if you think that he is
    wearing a lampshade. ?

  22. MrBudgum says:

    try david guetta song please?

  23. Saliman Mohmand says:

    That lamp is really good at guitar..?

  24. LucidRebel says:

    You. Are. Legendary.

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