Essential Guitar Lounge Vol 1_Amazing Acoustics Chill Out

NOTE: I do not own any of the music or video that is used in this production. I am not making a profit out of this and the content used belongs to their resp…

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17 Responses to Essential Guitar Lounge Vol 1_Amazing Acoustics Chill Out

  1. Rexsy Advexsys says:

    *”Reflection of Mankind’s History…Universal Existence!”*

    ~ Rexsy?

  2. Earl Miguel Mendoza says:

    Essential Guitar Lounge Vol 1_Amazing Acoustic?

  3. eschelar says:

    Notice how this one has much more of a genuine guitar sound than the
    “balearic” variant.

    Much nicer as background music. The Balearic is pure annoyance.?

  4. Lind Mcgee says:

    Who needs drugs or alcohol to get high with euphoric music such as this.
    Very hypnotic and delightful. I can’t get enough of it. Thanks for

  5. donottawaguitar says:

    so nice?

  6. Chetna Persand says:

    Not one of my usual workout tracks.

    Try it and please feedback

    Hope you enjoy it….

  7. Alicja Wozniak says:

    So beautiful sounds………?

  8. Mike-Ajda Bach says:

    The wright music for our souls….nice,very nice….?

  9. Robert Walters says:

    great music…real pretty girl to catch your eye…every guy oughta have a
    blonde in his life that’s devoted to him…and not chasing the money-guys !?

  10. lomparti says:

    Whos the chick??

  11. StarBluez101 says:


  12. Maurice Bertin says:

    Very nice love it !!!?

  13. KalabariJahNi says:

    #JustChill ?

  14. Frank Blaise says:

    I love it…. Reminds me of my time on deployment in the Caribbeans and
    South America… Panama was the best….?

  15. furiousmat says:

    this is great thanks.
    so much study going on with that awesome chillout music.?

  16. J V L I V S Photography says:

    Loved it! Every single second of this. So nice, I listened to it TWICE!?

  17. Alexander Benderev says:

    Time to chill?

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