Eruption Guitar Solo–Eddie Van Halen

Eddie Van Halen’s Eruption guitar solo. Different from original recording, this is the live version.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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12 Responses to Eruption Guitar Solo–Eddie Van Halen

  1. Kyven Tyrosaur says:

    I can imagine this. Eddie walks into a guitar shop and sees a guitar he
    likes. So he picks it up and rips off this sweet solo. Everyone watches him
    be amazing at it. He then finishes, and everyone is silent. He nonchalantly
    puts the guitar back and says “it needs to be tuned,” then leaves.?

  2. 2eelShmeal says:

    Steve Vai – Hands down; the best. (For me)
    Yngwie – Best vibrato of all time, sorry BB King.
    Randy Rhodes – Pioneer of metal/classical fusion, even though Yngwie
    surpassed him..
    Jimi Hendrix – Pioneer of everything. Fucking master of sickness.
    Jimmy Page – Never played the same solo twice – Best live improv.
    Jerry Garcia – Took you on a roller coaster ride – up, down, up, down
    again- or maybe that was the acid talking… Easily one of the most

    So who’s the BEST?? – It all depends on what you’re looking for…

    Classical? John Williams is a master guitarist.
    Zak Wylde? Fuck yeah… the list goes on and on and on and ON.

    Then think about all the sick guitarists out there that no one even
    knows…. I grew up with a dude that played Yngwie note for fucking note.
    What’d it get him? Nothing.

    The world is glutted with sick guitarists. There is no “BEST”, there is
    only opinion.?

  3. fanboys247 says:

    Musically this is putting a fart can on your Pinto, parking it at WalMart
    and revving the engine into the red over and over and over. The plastic
    trim chatters, the stereo is cranked to 11, the paint is loud, there are no
    less than 3 spoilers. Of course there are fuzzy dice dangling from the
    rearview and they’re bouncing around. Watch this! See this! Now this! And
    Alas, theres no cruise or race or anything. At all just a show at WalMart?

  4. Winterschant says:

    as much as i can appreciate how much of a classic and revolutionizing song
    this is, i have to say there is practically no sense of musicality at all.
    there is no cohesion and structure to it but just mindless guitar wankery.
    i know i’ll get flamed for this, but i’m just providing my own viewpoint of

  5. SFGFoxhound1986 says:

    Look at me, I’m commenting about how this solo isn’t musical enough for me!
    Look at me! I know more about music AND how to be a good guitarist than
    Eddie Van Halen! HEY! OVER HERE! LOOK!!!

    Want some advice, Ed? Play 4 chords and be sad about something. Always look
    down, too. True artists never smile and face their crowd. This 10 minute
    thing you’re doing, which any moron can see is just the greatest guitarist
    at that time putting on a technical display going “yeah, I’m that good,”
    it’d be better if you had an acoustic and played barre chords. Melodies
    that have anything faster than an eighth note lack feeling and musicality,
    I’d expect someone that good to know that.?

  6. nuclear1250 says:

    * Scrolls down to comments *
    * Sees Noyd still posting about ‘wankfests’ under 1000 alternate accounts *
    * Scrolls back up *?

  7. ???? says:

    Eddie van halen???????

  8. Michal Foster says:

    EVH and Yngwie are neck and neck. But I think EVH wrote the better

  9. Mah Correa says:

    oi gente (=
    Preciso homenagear pelo seu Aniversario Parabéns pra ele ..
    Considerado o oitavo melhor Guitarrista da Historia ..
    Ele eh Demaaais <3?

  10. Alessio Siri says:

    S e vi siete appena svegliati….questo e’il caffe’?

  11. TexasAxeSlinger says:

    I think Eddie is very musical and has composed some of the most sought
    after guitar compositions that are STILL trying to be learned today by
    guitarists 40 years later. VERY FEW people sound like Eddie did on the Van
    Halen Album’s Eruption, He Nailed it!!! Hell, even here it doesn’t sound
    anywhere near perfect, BUT,,,,,,,,, HE STILL Wrote it and made it up. That
    is the hard part! He is a genius and he is not my #1 favorite guitarist,
    but has to be in any modern players Top 5, just for all the stuff he has
    created and brought to the forefront, that NO ONE was doing before. I
    personally like Eddie’s earlier stuff BEST, it was raw, articulate, was
    sheer musical genius, and he had phrasing and timing that was unbridled and
    unique. He made his mark and 40+ years later, you get thread like this,
    still remembering him, trying to copy his solos and songs. I just think he
    is a gifted musician and one of the most innovative guitar players of his
    time. Look at my You Tube Page (and I’m a Banker by day, so cut a Brotha
    some slack…LOL) , I don’t play any Van Halen Covers (need to change that
    soon), but I still think the guy in his PRIME was a True Guitar GOD!?

  12. MsCordially says:

    imagine all the little lonely losers on their computers just writing
    insults at a great musician so they can feel some sort of emotion in their
    lonely lives. lol
    you poor sad few – get outside and try to be more positive .
    I sure feel lucky that i don’t have to insult great talent just because
    i’m so lifeless that i need to feel negativity to feel any sense of stimuli.
    And no – my comment here is not some random insult – it’s a
    psychological analysis ?

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