Electric guitar lesson with Paul Baloche

Electric guitar lesson with Paul Baloche

Just wanted to share so it will bless many lives. any question! Please send me a private message! thank you.
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19 Responses to Electric guitar lesson with Paul Baloche

  1. joshua sunil says:

    its really very useful for worshipleaders?

  2. charvelstrat81 says:

    What happened to glen pierce? he is such a brilliant guitarist!?

  3. erik stanley says:

    Do some of you know what kind of pedal Ben use`d at the start of the video?

    loved that sound ^^?

  4. Hunter Erwin says:

    what was the thing to automatically strum his guitar called again????

  5. Aaidyn Huang says:

    Ben plays well but his solos are simply uninteresting and fall to make an
    impact. I have stopped playing random notes from scales while soloing like
    Ben did in the video. Nowadays I plan my notes for maximum impact.
    Sometimes the very few planned notes one uses effectively make more impact
    musically than the bunch of random notes one plays offhand.?

  6. csanchezcuba says:

    I just got my first fender cheap strat and I do not own any pedals, my
    budget is limited and i would like some advice about what pedals should i
    get, please the basics, but something that i cant go wrong with.?

  7. Barry Dabs says:

    Thank you so much for this video. This is amazingly helpful and so much
    great information. You answered many questions I had about how the electric
    can fit in and cool effects to use. What a blessing this is.?

  8. Ben Lim says:

    the overboard solo sounded good.?

  9. dettesie James says:

    i just learned something from you i never even knew this tech. i say thank
    you for sharing?

  10. dettesie James says:

    very interesting and educational?

  11. How Han says:

    May i know what Distortion pedal model amp are u using? ?

  12. awesomemindcraft25 says:

    what overdrive pedal do you use @ 1:04:10? sounds awesome?

  13. Thierry D. says:

    Matthew 10-8, freely you have received freely give.?

  14. Jordan Clark says:

    Great video! Ben really knows his stuff.?

  15. bluegpu says:

    That telecaster has the best sounding clean tone I have ever heard! it made
    me feel happy for no apparent reason. These guys are quality musicians.?

  16. Parcel Pass says:

    I aint a guitarist, but I enjoyed.lol
    I’ll stick to my drums tho.?

  17. george llewellyn harvey says:
  18. Larry L says:

    Great lesson, adding a buffer in front of the volume will stop a lot of
    tone loss also using true by pass pedals.?

  19. Parcel Pass says:

    Awesome and annointed…………..?

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