Electra Glide Guitar in Black

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9 Responses to Electra Glide Guitar in Black

  1. Amritpal Galsin says:

    That’s a duplicate les Paul?

  2. VomitTheSoull says:

    Like driving a lambo. ?

  3. J89898080 says:

    I really wish you guys would let us know what Paul’s playing through.
    That’s a cool guitar and all but I’m guessing it’s not that the guitar that
    sounds so good. ?

  4. sam bergstein says:

    Ah to have money to fulfill the guitar fantasies.. This is quite the Black

  5. suputra viyamisa says:


  6. hawg427 says:

    Paul, I don’t understand why companies like Gibson can’t make the neck
    heel like this guitar and for larger players like me that belly cut really
    makes a difference. ?

  7. troy nichols says:

    i had a black electra, lp body like this one. it was at least 30 years ago,
    i remember it playing good & heavy as shit. still wish i had that jewel.
    brought back some good times.?

  8. kyatzz says:

    Finally an actual nice guitar?

  9. joshs covers says:

    Sounds awesome!?

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