Ed Sheeran – Thinking Out Loud – Lesson – How to Play on guitar – Tutorial Chords

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19 Responses to Ed Sheeran – Thinking Out Loud – Lesson – How to Play on guitar – Tutorial Chords

  1. Funny Memes says:

    What is the strumming pattern please for beginner??

  2. Steve Stevens says:

    been waiting for this one man, great job, as usual?

  3. Christian Hogg says:

    The ultimate chick song. Nail this and life is complete. Thank you so much
    for an awesome tutorial Marty.?

  4. N8er_ butter says:

    thank you so much, im starting go get better in guitar cause of you. You
    earned a subscriber 🙂

  5. Roxanne Mae Cabatit says:

    What’s the strumming pattern??

  6. Dazzle dick says:

    +martyzsongs it’s so hard for me to hold on to the strumming pattern and
    the speed of switching chords because the singing is faster than the
    strumming so i automatically play faster:(
    I have to play for a girl soon and i have a hard time learning to sing and
    play this song all together do you have any tips?
    Thank you Marty
    Keep up the good work!?

  7. Danielle Wheatley says:

    Why does my guitar sound different lol sorry im a newbie xO?

  8. Desiree Parsons says:


  9. Trey Abel says:

    Yes man, Your GREAT! Thanks for all that you do!!!!!!?

  10. Fourteen arEca says:

    Thank you so much sir Marty ^__^ i really love this song . :)?

  11. Muhammad Hakim Mny says:

    I still can’t sing while playing guitar…. Any tips guys??

  12. umang bhatara says:

    A bit too hard any help??

  13. John U says:

    Just wanted to say thank you to Marty! Wished I subscribed sooner to you
    man because I’ve been watching you ever since I started playing little over
    a year ago! Your very well made lessons has made it much easier for me to
    practice and learn songs! I’m very happy for your success on here because
    you definitely deserve it man! Again thank you for all your help from all
    of us beginners! And I hope you continue to keep doing what you do great
    at. Changing lives!?

  14. David Vandall says:

    Can you give me a link, to you’re guitar Marty? ?

  15. Dark Gamer1935 says:

    wats the straming paterna??

  16. Cassidy O Connell says:

    Hi could u please do a video on the strumming pattern (beginner) thanks 🙂
    +martyzsongs ?

  17. Harry Madden says:

    Does anybody know exactly which guitar Marty’s using??

  18. Lindsey B. says:

    What kind of guitar are you using? It has a really great sound.?

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