EASY! How to Play JAMES BOND THEME ( 007 ) Guitar Lesson by BobbyCrispy

How to play the classic guitar riff and song from the James Bond 007 movies! Easy to follow step by step video with tabs. Tabs for this lesson available on m…
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17 Responses to EASY! How to Play JAMES BOND THEME ( 007 ) Guitar Lesson by BobbyCrispy

  1. BobbyCrispy says:

    My guitar lesson website, 450 videos with tabs:

  2. Lloyd Griffiths says:

    I didnt use the video to help me because im using a ukelale and dont
    understand chords but i learnt from the tabs in the description?

  3. Sunny Haair says:

    OH MY GOD.

    In 2006, I was 12, I bought my first guitar and spent that holiday season
    (and the next year) watching your videos. For years I’ve thought of “that
    youtube guy I used to watch” whenever I’ve spotted a Jay Turser guitar (I
    remember you talking about yours in a gear video… and the strat with a
    hot rails in the bridge! Sadly, I didn’t pay attention to names back then
    and forgot yours 🙁 until now)

    I can’t believe it’s been so long since I’ve watched one of your videos.
    I’m super excited to have rediscovered you when I typed in “James Bond
    Guitar”. It’s completely made my day. Your videos helped me keep the faith
    as a 13 year old who felt completely hopeless about being able to play
    guitar. And now, as a jaded 21 year old who feels like I’ve reached a
    plateau, finding your videos has reminded me of the enthusiasm I had when
    I was younger and inspired me to get back to learning!

    Can’t wait to go to your channel and catch up on the videos I missed!?

  4. Miguel Rodrigues says:


  5. cheshta gupta says:

    Can this b played on aucostic????

  6. twig777 says:

    Needs the BminMaj7 chord at the end!?

  7. DecibelsGaming says:

    Thank you so much! Now i can replay what i used to be able to play?

  8. lastchip says:

    Nicely done, Thank You much! ?

  9. Larry Peck says:

    very informative….thank you you saved me the trouble of going out to
    the music store down the road …….?

  10. Justin Shiplett says:

    What tuning are you in??

  11. Joseph Melia says:

    Best video I’ve found for this song on Youtube
    Thank you Agent Crispy.
    You are duly promoted to double O status,?

  12. merkin says:

    Great. But the last chord isn’t B9. It’s Em with a major 7th and a 9th. So
    just let the G & B strings ring open and strum the whole chord from the low
    open E 1st string.?

  13. AmericanIsraeliJew says:

    I’ll draw my guitar at Q branch.?

  14. Louis Davies says:

    Thank u for this lesson bobby it is a them i have always wanted to play and
    nicely done keep playing your good at it.?

  15. Surfur16 says:

    very nicely done brother?

  16. Jared Nicol says:

    He is really good?

  17. mikethemaniac1 says:


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