Dwight Yoakam – Guitars Cadillacs

Dwight Yoakam - Guitars Cadillacs

Lyrics Girl, you taught me how to hurt real bad And cry myself to sleep And showed me how this town can shatter dreams Another lesson ’bout a naive fool Who …
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13 Responses to Dwight Yoakam – Guitars Cadillacs

  1. Roman Grazhdan says:

    *? ??? ?? ?????, ??? ??? ??? ????? ? ????? ???????? ????????*

    ??????? ??????? ???? ???????????? ????? ????????????.

    ??? ??? ????? ?? ???????? ??????.?

  2. safsdhdhsdgdjhgsagdf says:

    You know I really hate country music, but I like this. If this played on
    country stations I’d listen to this. Why does this sound so different from
    most country music??

  3. MrZillas says:

    I need your boots, your clothes and your motorcycle….?

  4. BigMcLargehuge1983 says:

    Terminator 2 brought me here. I need your clothes, your boots, and your

  5. Erik Vinson says:

    I miss real country music being made. SIGH?

  6. G Philip C says:

    Guitars Cadillacs ~ Dwight Yoakam?

  7. Edmond Wollmann says:
  8. Robert Bonter says:

    Signature song!?

  9. John Gueltzau says:

    Love this Song?

  10. Bob Silver says:

    Queen of my double wide trailer brought me here?

  11. Tom Kalina says:

    One night, when I was a teenager, they played a twin spin of Guitars
    Cadillacs and Honky-tonk Man on the radio. I turned it up, loud, and
    listened. Dwight was raw, radical, and cool as hell. Real Country. Hard
    Country. The way that I saw country music and music in general would never
    be the same. Thanks Dwight, you’re a hero to so many of us who appreciate
    great music!?

  12. Vikki Hallaway says:

    y’all can have his boots , his clothes and his motocycle …..I’ll have
    what’s inside his clothes and sat on his motorcycle …thank you guys !!!
    😀 hahahahahaha , one hot ass dude ?

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