Donkey Kong Country 2 Guitar Medley

MP3: WAV: This is so overdue it’s not even right. Ever since the beginning, way back in 2010 this has been a huge…

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19 Responses to Donkey Kong Country 2 Guitar Medley

  1. Domtendo says:


  2. Kyle Morgan says:

    At first i was like “Who is this papa roach wanna be” ….. then i heard

  3. Minitendo LP says:

    wenn ich auch so spielen könnte :)?

  4. Gustavo Siqueira says:

    +Marcelo Siqueira Lima ?

  5. Darak Zx says:

    Second best OST ever!?

  6. LHR sonicfools says:

    … you can play guitar with a bowstring??

  7. Paptimus Scirocco says:

    My only problem with this was that stickerbrush part was too short =(?

  8. Bruno Ribeiro says:

    I wish i could like this video everytime i get back here (latelly it’s been
    50 times a day :P)?

  9. Les Messieurs Citronnelle says:

    4:15 : FUCK YEAH!?

  10. LetsTape | PvP ohne Skill! | 2k ?3 says:

    Awesome thing! Domtendo bought me here! :D?

  11. PikaDomi LP says:

    hi domtendo?

  12. Morialan Oliveira says:

    I’ll never get tired of watch n listen this.
    Tks, man! U r an inspiration.?

  13. John Vasconcelos says:

    03:08 risadinha seduzindo?

  14. Luke Danzic says:

    When the trippy part of this kicks in you get to just chill for a
    while….. not to mention the breakdown at 5:00 love this +FamilyJules7X?

  15. blogopdes says:


  16. ottokrieg says:

    this is my favorite medley for sure?

  17. TheDiegiset says:

    sorry man but this time chequer chequer win XD but GJ?

  18. Cyberlanky says:

    Yet more proof (not that it was needed) that Crocodile Cacophony IS the
    best track in the whole SNES trilogy.?

  19. Brice Notaise says:

    Superbes interprétations, félicitations !?

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