Don Felder – Guitar World Interview/Lesson – Part 2 – “Hotel California”

In this video, Don Felder talks about, and demonstrates, licks from the famed Eagles song “Hotel California.”

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20 Responses to Don Felder – Guitar World Interview/Lesson – Part 2 – “Hotel California”

  1. oneaburns says:

    It’s a real shame the way Frey and Henley did this guy. He wrote the
    biggest hit ever for the Eagles and they wanted to pay him less than they
    were getting? I mean, Jesus, you can argue who’s the bigger star but this
    was a group and without Felder they wouldn’t have had Hotel California.
    Besides, haven’t Frey and Henley made enough money already? They just come
    off looking like greedy, pompous aholes.?

  2. Marmaduke Winterbotham says:

    Wow, that’s precisely the top that I dream of on a LP. The book matching is
    just so right. After seeing this I took a look at Gibson’s page and their
    ‘Don Felder’ model and the top is crap – the same figuring you get on a
    sheet of three-ply. So I assume the guitar Don is using in this video is
    not one of those. ?

  3. Hooter Bear says:

    Just plainly KICKS ASS….GREAT GREAT solo…..can any of you even imagine
    coming up with that….so damn iconic.?

  4. jimmy5634 says:

    The thing that creates Don from most guitar players is creativity.
    Shredders and scale players are a dime a dozen.
    I read his book and while he was very candid about a lot of the BS from
    Frey and Henley, he was very professional and gentlemanly about it. Way to
    go Don. You don’t have to worry about your legacy, anybody can see how much
    your talents brought to Eagles’ music.?

  5. LuneyTune72 says:

    He plays the solo a lot differently than the original recording but I guess
    this is his take on it. I personally prefer the original, this version
    doesn’t add much as it does take away. Their live version from ’77 actually
    makes for a great “new” rendition of the solo.?

  6. Jorge Barreto says:

    greatest rock song and greatest rock solo of all time?

  7. Adam Crane Guilford says:

    This is impressive, some say he was the most talented player in the Eagles
    …. can’t say he tops Joe Walsh…. but Don is certainly his peer ….
    doesn’t surprise me that he uses a capo at the 5th?

  8. TheSmithDorian says:

    Wonderful stuff – who ever thought they’d hear this played by Felder
    himself in isolation and in crystal clear quality. This helps us to
    appreciate the creativity and musicianship that Felder brought to the

  9. kamala2111 says:

    How does anyone thumb this down WTF? AWESOME solo?

  10. stevo53 says:

    Band politics aside, you gotta recognise the Eagles for providing the world
    with some of the most iconic of tracks ever laid down, and live
    performances so perfect that you are left astounded by their
    Thank you Mr Felder for sharing this, your gift to all us wannabe
    Now to get some more practice in, to get that unforgettable solo down pat.
    Hope you have something similar for that gem of perfection, New Kid In
    Town, my favourite track of all time. ?

  11. Bosnialove says:

    That is a ’90s Historic LP. I think it’s one from ’98? ’97??

  12. C.K music says:

    Can someone please tell me the intro chord progression? Just name the
    chords or write the tab? There’s so many different versions on the internet
    and this is obviously the mostly original way of playing it but there’s no
    tab or chords to help learn for beginners… any help would be awsome!?

  13. JOE OHHBOY says:

    It is a shame that all the guys from the Eagles have to be so greedy and
    childish. FREY & HENLEY. You assholes have so much to give to humanity ,but
    you are all letting it slide because of greed and egos. You all ain’t dead
    yet. Do something good you douchebags. A fan. Don F is a gift. Thank

  14. John Didsbury says:

    i think Don Felder and David Gilmour are my favorite lead guitarists. They
    play so precisely, wringing every nuance out of every note. Nothing wasted,
    nothing sloppy, just music of pure emotion from the heart. And man, can
    they bend notes!?

  15. Jim Shields says:

    thanks for sharing Don, not the biggest Les Paul fan, but dang,
    that tone rips, if only I had several thousand bucks lying around,
    you’ve sold me?

  16. don brennan says:

    wow who better to learn from!!! great video.?

  17. godbyone andy godby says:

    thanks , one of very few to give a lesson of their own music, loved it . a
    10 video?

  18. James Townsend says:

    I read an interview with Ian Anderson of Jethro Tull, on a website about
    “the stories behind the songs”, in which he stated that since chord
    progressions are mathematical, the Eagles were bound to hit on “We Used to
    Know” for parts of “Hotel California”, although the songs are nothing

  19. NewJerseyMilitia says:

    When he wrote if??

  20. Kanz Anemerv says:

    Saw Don play at Casino Niagara a couple of years ago, and when he tore into
    this solo it brought tears to my eyes. Flawless. Every note placed where it
    was meant to be. This is where Slash got his phrasing. Thanks Don for this

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