David Guetta ft. Sam Martin – Dangerous (Acoustic Guitar Cover)

Enjoy! Here are the tabs if anyone wants to learn the song: http://www.mediafire.com/view/6215y0hazk36q6c/David_Guetta_ft_Sam_Martin_-_Dangerous_(Acoustic_Guitar_Cover).doc Also, send me…

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14 Responses to David Guetta ft. Sam Martin – Dangerous (Acoustic Guitar Cover)

  1. DEEJAY2RACKS says:


  2. Arreyana Corchado says:

    Man your good do you give guitar lessons??

  3. DB Guitar says:

    New acoustic cover, this time it’s Dangerous by David Guetta and Sam
    Martin, enjoy!?

  4. Arkadi Radzivilovsky says:

    Awesome cover, dude.?

  5. Milou Everink says:

    This cover is great! But I don´t understand how to get the backing track. I
    like to have it.?

  6. Matthew Gravett says:

    lol i dont understand why this channel has got so few subscribers.. this is
    absolutely brilliant! ?

  7. Lewis Roberts says:

    What’s the tuning for the guitar for this song??

  8. Daniël Westrik says:

    woow i want this too its so nice im jalous?

  9. Diogo Almeida says:

    Good good job men ???? well done.. Can you givethe backing track for free?
    You deserve an oscar ?????

  10. Henry Parker says:

    Hey génial!!?

  11. Emma Luzi says:

    Vous avez du talent?

  12. MrMu2sS says:

    We want more acoustic cover !! ?

  13. Lewis Roberts says:

    What acoustic guitar us that I wanna buy it?

  14. süleyman uzunçe?me says:

    perfect ?

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