CrossRoads Guitar Duel

Un extrait du film ” crossroads”. un duel guitaristique entre Steve Vai et notre acteur Ralph Maccionne doublé par Jo Satriani. Il gagne en reconnaissance, j…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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15 Responses to CrossRoads Guitar Duel

  1. Crist Belgrade says:

    wtf?! why can no-one post this in its proper progression with cuts and
    other crap??

  2. Jonathan Williams says:

    you know at 2.45 its like his soul was saved.?

  3. Vezonmodder says:


    The power of satan compels you!?

  4. Richard Watkins says:

    Does anyone know if Ry Cooder played the last part of the duel (the
    classical stuff) or was it Vai ??

  5. Michelle Bass says:


  6. Walter Mirren says:

    Stupid fucking frog can’t just let the video play. Why don’t you just go
    hide in a corner and surrender??

  7. Scott Zeno Wenkale says:

    I still don’t think the little dude would have one. After everything that
    happened in Via’s Guitar solo…yeah, no. Sorry – I’m glad the guy hit a
    note that he (in this show) wouldn’t have hit. But I still believe Steve
    Vai would have won. He was way better. (And the reality of it is that Steve
    would have hit the note in reality in the first place…)?

  8. Yin Shih-feng says:

    What’s the song name at 1:48!??

  9. sanai yenmanoj says:

    try my new upload the full duel scene. IN HD!!!!


  10. runnerba . says:


  11. chremes says:

    Does anyone else here find it ironic that the Devil was beaten by
    Paganini? Or was that a bit too high brow??

  12. morolyn says:

    Why the edit!??

  13. John Smith says:

    I salute those who can play without a pick. More options.?

  14. Raymond Nelson says:

    I’ve always thought this Movie should have been cast with Michael J. Fox in
    stead of Ralphy?

  15. Pate Yate says:

    Steve Vai certainly was a brilliant presence on stage (still is.) ?

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