Country Guitar Lesson: The CAGED System

Hi guys, this is a video guitar lesson on the CAGED system. Through the CAGED system you’ll be able to understand how the fretboard is organized and it’s a g…
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21 Responses to Country Guitar Lesson: The CAGED System

  1. TheeDevilWearsPrada says:

    Any way to do this with Minor Chords??

  2. James Thomas says:

    Well done! very well explained, the other videos I have seen are very
    confusing. I would watch this video 1st before any other and thus avoid
    getting confused. Thanks again for such a coherent explanation of the CAGED

  3. zygnusband says:

    great lesson many thanks?

  4. dertyberty says:

    thanks well explained i thought?

  5. mojopin70 says:

    italian i think?

  6. Juergen lern says:

    great work! it really helps me a lot… now i practice and practice! thx?

  7. Giancarlo Staroccia says:

    Grazie Dario, that was a great lesson about the caged system!!! Thanks

  8. Santiago AGUIRRE CAVERO says:

    Thank you very much! Good work: easy to understand for beginners.?

  9. Kent Y. says:

    Jimmy Fallon + Walter White?

  10. Mike Poirier says:

    Great vid but a good way to understand this is to START with your open C
    chord,THEN play a C chord using the A shape,then a C with the G
    shape,etc…This way you can really see how the CAGED system is LINKED
    together…each new chord shape shares notes from the previous shape!!?

  11. sazzje says:

    fantastic, must learn the settings of the fingers and ecspecially to spread
    but it’s very clear how you explained!!?

  12. Eric Ebrole says:

    thanks! very organized!?

  13. Eskil Riibe says:

    This was extremely well-organised! thanks!?

  14. Rokam Tarigidus says:

    Complimenti per l’inglese?

  15. Vagrant Clan says:

    Great lesson Dario!!!! I think the real kicker for me was when you were
    explaining using parts of the whole note to get the right sound…. then
    referenced some Jimi Hendrix. I dunno if anyone else here picked up the
    opening 3 chords the to wind cries mary but I did. Much appreciated, im 33
    now, been playing guitar since I was 12, always learning, always glad to
    see people as yourself spreading knowledge. Growing up in Seattle, self
    taught, not enough money for guitar lessons, stuff like this was super
    secret information… You either had parents who put you through quality
    lessons to learn it or we figured it out for ourselves, nobody wanted to
    share their secrets back then and we didnt have youtube. I was explaining
    the caged system to a lifelong friend/ jam partner and used your video as
    reference. He immediately understood it. ?

  16. Michael Hansen says:

    this is a nice, good video!?

  17. francis macdonald says:

    Great lesson , thank you!?

  18. toneroable says:

    Great lesson……………..whats next ??

  19. Sammy Bones says:

    Nice lesson. Even as a long time guitar player/guitar tech, I still enjoyed
    your lesson. Thanks for posting. Have a great day!
    #guitarlessons #caged ?

  20. Camilo Gómez S. says:

    Thanks mate!!?

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