Classical/guitar, Jim Greeninger, Recuerdos de la Alhambra – Guitar/classical, Recuerdos de la Alhambra, by Francisco Tarrega. Jim studied for several years with Maestro Andr…
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24 Responses to Classical/guitar, Jim Greeninger, Recuerdos de la Alhambra

  1. bransonguitar says:

    Thank you, I built this guitar in 1986. German/Swiss spruce top, East
    Indian back and sides. I have recorded most of my fourteen CDs with this

  2. ??? says:


  3. Leo Ix says:

    I heard this for the first time over 10 years ago. Every few months I would
    remember pieces of this song but never the whole thing. About 6 years ago I
    was forced to watch a movie called “John Tucker Must Die” guess what? In
    the dinner scene this song was in the background. I could not find it
    though because the imdb was incorrect as far as the songs… I GOT IT NOW!
    YES! YES! YES!?

  4. curleyteeth says:

    I love Jims version of this classic tune.I am not an expert as you will
    have already realized but this rendition sounds brilliant to me and thats
    all that counts.?

  5. Sergio Gallardo says:

    Jim is not from this planet. This performance is beautiful and stunning.
    Congratulations. ?

  6. Jørgen Oktober Storm Nestande Thyrum says:

    Come on… A pick-up? Seriously??

  7. Lavetzi1234 says:

    AWESOME.. performance Good song though.. And Jim you are A very talented
    guitarist I keep listening to this song.. Its one of the best Classical
    songs I’ve ever heard.. And what makes it better is the performance..
    Absolutely Awesome 😉 ?

  8. ????????? ???????? says:

    Bravo, but Tarrega played this play without nails!?

  9. TRAN NGUYEN says:

    311 thumb down people have no idea what music is all about. I feel sorry
    for them!?

  10. juval niño says:

    mejor que la interpretada por jhon williams?

  11. w George says:

    Very very nice version

  12. BuffGuitarGuy says:

    I just want to say that I think this is the best cover of this piece. Even
    better than the Sharon Isbin cover?

  13. Zhiqian Yuan says:

    It’s amazing! I have never thought that I may talk directly with Jim
    greeninger, whose wonderful performance of guitar has been greatly enjoyed
    and admired by me since I began to learn classical guitar. I’d say youtube
    is great and this is a small world. But I still feel it’s so unreal, I
    mean, Segovia’s student, it sounds too godlike and too far from our life 😀
    Anyway, great playing Jim! I have saved this vid in my phone and been
    watching this vid all the time. I actually regard it as a standard template
    for me to learn every small details and techniques of classical guitar,
    from posture to finger movements. I really appreciate for that and I am one
    of your big fans lol.?

  14. Christian Harbour says:

    Dam i can play a little bit of the very beginning and i take a while just
    switching the chords?

  15. ??? says:

    Classical/guitar, Jim Greeninger, Recuerdos de la…:

  16. Christine Nguyen says:

    Jim, you play very well and excellent…?

  17. Untung Sudrajat says:

    Tahun 1977,waktu itu klas 1 stmp,pada sok sok an pada main gitar klasican
    .biar keliatan gaya,apa lagi di depan cewe2 nyoba mainin.wah tiga jarinya
    kusut,maklum baru belajar tremolo.klo ingat ini geli.?

  18. perromanchado says:

    beautiful rendition Jim. Bravo?

  19. Malcolm Nicoll says:

    A gorgeous composition and a very demanding piece to play correctly.
    Fantastic performance. Thanks for posting.?

  20. Steve Carpenter says:

    The best I’ve ever heard. Mr. Greeninger somehow channels Tarrega and a
    whole period into a single musical expression. Bravo!?

  21. Smoker Joe Rabbit says:

    Hauntingly beautiful Recuerdos de la Alhambra on classical guitar?

  22. Liu Jessica says:

    My father is a classical guitarist and he often played this song in the
    evening, before I went to bed and I heard it all my childhood. Now I have
    to go far away from my home to study university and this song reminds me of
    my family so much .<3?

  23. Liliana Burca says:

    Ci vuole solo il silenzio per lasciare spazio a questa musica…?

  24. Horacio Amauri Perez says:

    Besos Brujos!!!?

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