Charlie Parra – Neoclassical Power Metal 2014 (guitar solo)

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Video Rating: 4 / 5

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18 Responses to Charlie Parra – Neoclassical Power Metal 2014 (guitar solo)

  1. Lucifer Raise says:

    Charlie my man! Good to see a vid of you again! Rock on!?

  2. DeadlyCreatorYT says:

    The talent is unreal.?

  3. Michael Mac says:

    Never fail to impress my man!?

  4. Charlie Parra del Riego says:
  5. Eric Booth says:

    I truly believe if the original classic composers could travel in time to
    now they would be all about this. They were the metal heads of their day. ?

  6. mapagatu says:

    Hey have you thought on comming onto the Co-Optional Podcast??

  7. FRAMER88 says:

    Brutal Charlie!!!!!!!!?

  8. Ghimel Mayfair says:

    Am in love…. wow! eres increible!!!?

  9. Morgan Higgins says:

    Incredible! ?

  10. Capp00 says:

    Beautifully done man.?

  11. theevilskull says:

    I hope I get the chance to see you playing live some day?

  12. Ric Rags says:

    Sickest Guitar player. Someone needs place you with a group of musical
    androids from another dimension and make a super group!?

  13. Paul Farrer says:

    HOLY.FUCK! That was incredible! Your precision is insane! m/?

  14. Roman O says:

    very nice playing man, i really like this 🙂 thanks for making videos, good
    luck in future!!?

  15. DrDizzleFrizzle says:

    Speaks Spanish
    Makes sure everything is translated for people that speak English
    Good Guy Charlie?

  16. Chris Reid says:

    Charlie, can you incorporate this into a new song at some stage? Although
    I’d very happily download and listen to this as it stands, but it’s more
    than good enough to merit its own track 🙂 Fantastic as always!?

  17. zamaszysty says:

    Moar ! :D?

  18. KevinKoolx says:

    Why is it when you play guitar your hands become The Flash from the comics?

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