CARVIN : PAINT & FINISH : Carvin Custom Guitar Build – Custom Shop, San Diego, CA

Welcome to VID #6. Carvin Custom Guitar Build : PAINT & FINISH! *** IF YOU DIG THIS SERIES … GIVE SOME THUMBS UP, and LEAVE A COMMENT!!!*** Here is the ful…

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23 Responses to CARVIN : PAINT & FINISH : Carvin Custom Guitar Build – Custom Shop, San Diego, CA

  1. Brad Angove says:

    I’m quite curious about what paint that is exactly. Based on the timeline,
    I’m assuming it’s not nitro. Is it a polyurethane??

  2. ELLEON1959 says:

    If it were all green, I maybe could stomach it. This one must be for a
    third grader. ?

  3. Igamikun says:

    I’m surprised nobody has said anything about the fact the guitar is being
    worked on by latina ladies. I hope they get the decent wages, cause if
    they’re getting payed minimum wage for that job you might as well just buy
    guitars that are made in mexico.?

  4. Cameron Fischer says:

    Should have hand rubbed it so it blended better…?

  5. Sam Emaus says:

    Is it necessary to use sealer and primer before-hand if you’re staining the

  6. Niels Beeris says:

    when it was getting the blue tan arround the sides i was like daaaamn that
    guitar looks sick and then the green got in i was like YOU FKING RUINED IT?

  7. Michael Littlesmith says:

    why are you putting 2 fancy stripes in a neck through body when you paint
    it black??

  8. Tanner Scheckel says:

    What type of paint are you using. Oil base or acrylic or…? And what type
    of clear coat is it??

  9. BigDGuitars - says:

    I love carvin but man thats an ugly color….?

  10. Adriano Guerra says:

    Horrible taste.?

  11. Devon Nyers says:

    Is it possible to get the dragon burst finish WITHOUT the green? Just a
    normal center??

  12. Gerber Bernstein says:

    Is this an abandoned Earl Scheib’s ??

  13. jazzplayer9 says:

    i surprised the paint guy wasn’t wearging goggles..?

  14. camposi says:

    fantastic guitars – built with love like Siggi Braun Guitars!?

  15. Toby Jackson says:

    Didn’t show the black stain process?

  16. Siniša Biljan says:

    Ninja painted the guitar?

  17. JYZProductions says:

    I’ve seen some good dragon bursts over the years but this one was shitty at
    most, well I’d rather everything be made CNC because it eliminates human
    error and you still have to paint , wire , finish , assemble and set up a
    guitar. It helps things stay affordable and if people saw how much a CNC
    machine is they would be amazed.. think it was 10,000 or 20,000$. I just
    wish carvin had more extreme shapes.?

  18. John Bruce says:

    Blue and green should never be seen !!?

  19. Gerber Bernstein says:

    That is one sweet mustache.?

  20. jazzplayer9 says:

    i personally like it before the green. with the blue and whiteish?

  21. Alvaro valentin andres says:

    fea con ganas…?

  22. Verlex says:

    in my opinion without the green color the guitar would look much better?

  23. shadowhector1 says:

    What kind of paint did you use? please answer me, is very important

    i don’t speak english, i use a translator, to make a question, please
    answer me! , thanks?

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