Can’t Help Falling in Love, Michael Lucarelli, guitar

Michael Lucarelli plays -Can’t Help Falling in Love on classical guitar Available from the following links: NEW RELEASE “Your Songs” Download from Itunes –…
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25 Responses to Can’t Help Falling in Love, Michael Lucarelli, guitar

  1. Matei Buliga says:

    I just started playing 6 months ago but one day i want to touch people’s
    heart with music like yours! All respect :)?

  2. vrflyer says:

    I love all you interpretation very much Mr Lucarelli. I started again to
    play guitar after I heard your Ave Maria interpretation. I can’t help
    falling in love is much easier to learn, it use standard chords. Looking
    you playing with a fix camera help us a lot. I will certainly contact you
    for some very tough song, I saw that you offer online lessons. The
    Entertainer is a tough one. I will need help!?

  3. Kip Sucks says:

    This is truly inspiring and makes me want to become a better guitar player.
    Great video!?

  4. nadege Navarlas says:


  5. luis filipe sousa prado says:
  6. Sam Patterson says:

    the playing and articulation are wonderful as usual. I think the dynamic is
    heavy handed. Should it not be far more dynamic and soft at times? It’s too
    up tempo as well imo. ?

  7. Sebastian Carrasco Santis says:

    I didn´t know that Heisenberg also plays the guitar?

  8. Zsolt várallyay says:

    It’s a beautiful cover in finger picking style! (I’ve just learned the song
    to sing, and to play the chords on the guitar, (I am an amateur) but of
    course I can not “sing” on the guitar while I am playing the chords.) So
    this is amazing, I like this performance! Congretulation!?

  9. Chester Tabuena says:

    Thank you Mr. Lucarelli for sharing this song to the world! I’m from the

  10. Christina Dao says:

    someone please make a tutorial for this :’) <3 I love it.?

  11. Patsy Jacobs says:

    This is beautiful Michael. ?

  12. art ray says:

    Wow! Your guitar playing is so beautiful. I have played guitar over 40
    years and I don’t feel worthy to even dust off your guitar becaue you are a
    true master!
    I am from the island of Bermuda?

  13. benjamin stanislas says:

    Hi, good job !
    I want to play this song.
    But, what about the link ?
    Thank you to give the link, please…?

  14. Clinton Duvalle says:

    WOW ……. The MASTER …….?

  15. 2phalanges says:

    tabs anyone???

  16. dt28469 says:

    This will be my next project. :D?

  17. Michael Carranza says:

    I thought you were going to sing. Thumbs down.?

  18. holly kelley says:

    Beautiful ?

  19. RiverWats [Juegos indie sin sentido] says:

    Very good Mike Ehrmantraut?

  20. Rob Murray says:

    I absolutely love your style of playing and was wondering if you have a
    rendition of mozarts Rondo alla turca and if you dont could I be cheeky
    enough to maybe request that song i’d love to hear your version of that?

  21. Harun Taylor says:

    Your such an amazing guitar player. Truly gifted.
    You should do stairway to heaven. I would love to hear that cover. 😉 ?

  22. daniel humphrey says:

    how long did it take to become a maestro like u? really enjoy it?

  23. hieu tran says:


  24. Ruben Arriaga says:

    Where can I find the tabs for this beautiful melody??

  25. Saro Proudian says:

    Awesome guitar track, It’s been 1 year I started playing guitar I can’t
    even understand what you are doing, but all I can say It’s too professional
    and with feelings. I also appreciate your reply for the comments, not
    everyone will do that (Y)?

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