California Dreamin – The Mamas & The Papas (Easy Songs Beginner Guitar Lesson BS-704) How to play

In this guitar lessons you will learn how to play California Dreaming by The Mamas & The Papas. It’s a Stage 7 song, so still for beginners but getting a lit…
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20 Responses to California Dreamin – The Mamas & The Papas (Easy Songs Beginner Guitar Lesson BS-704) How to play

  1. Gerard Williams says:

    @JustinGuitar Songs You’re playing the intro wrong (skipping some notes)
    otherwise good job?

  2. Aliaksandr Anfilatau says:

    Hi justin, whats guitar model is this??

  3. Steve Woan says:

    Geez your acoustic intro sounds so bloody good Justin, very nice indeed!!
    When I have a few minutes I must learn this song.
    the vocals are also so very good (and the harmonies) in the original. I
    see a Fender (blues) amp behind you, so obviously
    you play electric as well. Me too, I have a folkie side, and a “rocker”
    side when it comes to playin’ guitar. Steve (Toronto, Canada)?

  4. Tim Hansen says:

    Wow- great song and lesson, and both your playing and singing do it
    justice. Thank you for posting this tutorial! You are one of my favorite
    guitar tutors on Youtube.?

  5. lyrehcdnayrral says:

    Justin, your lessons are fantastic! This one was especially good because I
    love this song so much. It has an easy groove to it, but also has such a
    raging rockin feel too. You can really have fun playing this song as a
    cranker with lots of distortion or as it was intended with the great
    vocals. Thanks again!?

  6. scotrail1 says:

    Really, really enjoyed that lesson. Bought a baby Taylor as I am working
    out of town and a colleague also has a guitar. I am trying to pass on what
    little I know but we are making progress. Love this song and your lesson.
    Best regards

  7. Walter Winiana says:

    Thank you Justin, your an awesome guitar teacher, and I love this song.?

  8. TopCatOadby says:

    Hi Justin, nice one….this is the best and clearest version of this song
    on here!!!!! ps – thanks from my wife too….she loves this song!!!!?

  9. alan merson says:

    The best instructor on you tube!?

  10. Scott Ayotte says:

    Come on guys, he’s showing the 99% of the song that really matters. We as
    guitarists need to remember that the masses are going to EVER notice a
    little “sus” anything is missing and the ladies sure don’t mind either. I
    appreciate what you did with California Dreaming Justin. I’m a seasoned
    player and now getting too lazy to pick songs apart at the CD player. I’ve
    always loved this song and it was in my opinion a quick reference to play
    it automatically now at any campfire LOL, thanks man!?

  11. nic adcock says:

    why the twatty hat ?

  12. Alexander Foelkel says:

    Loool…..’that big red thing there, is on the 4th fret’ haahahahahaha?

  13. HipGuitar says:

    Excellent lesson of a Classic Song! Thanks for this !?

  14. Leftienige Blank says:

    Hi Justin , another good’un ! Not to be picky , but I’ve seen them play
    this , and the 2nd and 4th G-chord in each verse (the one after a
    FULL-BARRE F, no major 7ths !)
    is always a full 6-string barre G at the 3rd fret .
    Also , I’m pretty sure all the E7sus4 chords have an added 7th on 2nd
    string , 3rd fret .
    Suggested with love , cheers , Nige .?

  15. stoolpup says:

    I am 49. I have played since my late teens. I still enjoy coming to your
    site to learn the great songs I grew up listening. to. Thank you for the
    time you put in to helping us become better guitarists. You are a great
    resource for all of us. I wish I could play these songs as good as you do.
    Keep ’em comin’?

  16. Son of a Zombie says:

    Is justin from New zealand??

  17. David Yeow says:

    Hi Justin like to buy yor guitar book how to buy fromsingapore?

  18. caller347 says:

    well done I love this song. ?

  19. Jeremy Fogarty says:

    i think you and marty shwartz are the two best internet teachers any1 else
    with me on that !?

  20. Kris Gilliam says:

    God ur voice is awful just play the guitar and hush ur so good at guitar
    just dont sing ur ass is so far off key its not even funny?

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