Blues Guitar Licks – 2 Must Know Classic Slow Blues Licks BB King SRV Style

Learn 2 Must Know Classic Blues Guitar Licks Learn Jazz Guitar Improv: Study 5 Must Know BB King Licks: http://jamieholroy…
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25 Responses to Blues Guitar Licks – 2 Must Know Classic Slow Blues Licks BB King SRV Style

  1. Jason Desjardins says:

    Really liked this. Subscribed!?

  2. Nicholas Dentato says:

    Great lesson, it’s not always what you play but how you play it, great

  3. GurgMaster says:

    Very cool thanks Jamie. I’m an older beginner and I think I’ve driven my
    wife batty with A minor scales for a week or two. I played a couple of
    those licks around and about the scale and she’s going “whoa’ :-)?

  4. Sdpguitar-lessons says:

    Cool. Nice job?

  5. javelin1835 says:

    Excellent. Thanks for sharing these two licks.?

  6. Garrett Grimm says:

    Thanks, great licks!?

  7. Kevin Lobo says:


  8. Dennis Nakashima says:

    Nice licks. Maybe in the future, less talking would help.?

  9. Bob Charles says:

    Great video but I’m not sure what Fret and string you do the bend on ?

  10. tim a says:

    Nice lesson.?

  11. kelmer carvalho says:

    Awesome licks, great lesson !!!?

  12. Aman Ahuja says:

    I believe this is BB’s lick in Blue Boys Tune… Thanks for the lesson !!!?

  13. Julian Mark Wilson says:

    Nice stuff Jamie.
    The SRV one really set my playing alight.
    I’ve come far enough to just keep picking licks up and adding them to my
    playing – Its a lot better experience than trying to rationalise
    everything with scales – and it’s never a waste of time either.
    Respect mate!

  14. Mike Miller says:

    Well done, Jamie. It seems that learning specific licks opens the door to
    creating one’s own licks. Keep ’em coming, friend!?

  15. lose3111 says:

    I’m very new to blues, trying to get the chord progressions down. I know
    it’s usually based around I-IV-V and I can play along with the basic 12-bar
    blues, but you seem to be playing more than just the C, the F and the G..
    At 1:20 from what I can tell it looks something like: C7 – F#9 – F9 .. is
    that what you are playing there? Walking down from I to IV? What other
    chords do you throw in (outside of I-IV-V) when going from I to V for
    example or during the turnaround? Loving your tone btw.. I rarely hear a
    Tele sound so fat.?

  16. Thomas Hoell says:

    You have the tabs for this please?

  17. bella wood says:

    Amazing licks by my favorite guitarists?

  18. Ant Hony says:

    thanks for posting – great licks and I really like ur chords too?

  19. H.M Jones says:

    This is probably a really basic question in the context, but it would help
    me out a lot. I’ve been trying to break out of the mindset of simple bar
    chords and major/minor 7s. I don’t recognize the chords you are playing as
    the ‘slow blues bass line’ I know that the C bar chord is played on the 9th
    fret, but you’re not playing bar chords in the video are you??

  20. brobdj says:

    Thanks, Jamie – very nice licks?

  21. Vaughn Rohrdanz says:

    I play a Telecaster myself. How did you get that wonderful BB tone? I’ve
    been messing around with the amp lately and can’t seem to land it. ?

  22. Marjun Advincula says:


  23. Mitch Arney says:

    You sure have BB’s tone. what are you playing to get that tone??

  24. peterthomson13 says:

    Simple, yet highly effective – As all the best licks are! Cheers, you’ve
    got a new subscriber.?

  25. Judd Austin says:

    Hey jamie, I’m noticing your vibrato is pretty uneven. BB kings signature
    was his huge vibrato, same as SRV. just a point to note when coping the
    feel of these riffs, the “accent” won’t sound right if you don’t get the
    “inflection” (vibrato) right.?

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