Best Street Guitar Player Ever [FEBRUARY 2013]

Best Street Guitar Player Ever Amazing Street Performer Guitar Player Amazing guitar Skills performace.

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16 Responses to Best Street Guitar Player Ever [FEBRUARY 2013]

  1. George Dominik says:

    Flamenco Guitar – Awesome !!!?

  2. Cooper Pearce says:

    Alright I will?

  3. Marcin Tel says:

    Is he from Holland??

  4. LRyuuzaki says:

    I’m glad, that I had chance to saw him often, while I was going from the
    Katowice Main Station to the Piotra Skargi bus station, amaizing music! And
    to all of you – it’s not sped up, it’s real!?

  5. SirSly420 says:

    Amazing ! Forget about the street start a youtube channel you’ll make bank
    ! ?

  6. Michael Styles says:

    Where is that from?!?

  7. Haile Mecael says:

    Now that is talent?

  8. brakjart says:

    anyone knows where this is from? Holland maybe??

  9. Fandy stone says:

    Seniman jalan emank kaga ada mati’y…. asli maen’y keren?

  10. micglou says:

    Pfff, getting tired just looking at it… amazing fast. I bet he finishes
    within 10 seconds when he masturbates!?

  11. laxpors says:

    What song is that??

  12. akillies_ska says:

    This is sped up. its not real?

  13. Mikey J says:

    This is fucking awful?

  14. Derp McGrahamCracker says:

    He plays like he came from a power metal band.?

  15. Sky Avila says:


  16. Marvin Zosa says:

    a heavy metal guitarist playing acoustic…hahahaXD?

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