Beginner guitar lesson learn the notes on the fretboard EZ! Click link to get 5 free Guitar Lesson videos NOT available on YouTube plus a BONUS CHORD and exercises Eboo…

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20 Responses to Beginner guitar lesson learn the notes on the fretboard EZ!

  1. copykon says:

    You made this so simple it’s almost genius.?

  2. Angelo Tamayo says:

    Mine is A-A#-B-C-C#-D-D#-E-F-F#-G-G#
    This is what I’m teaching to my student…just B and E has no #… Flat
    means decrease one fret and sharp means increase one fret…also u can use
    this on chords…that’s why if you put in E chord whats next? an F only it
    needs bar because the knot is not there so u need to bar..whats next F# to
    G and so on…it’s just looping if you already in G# u must go back to A
    again…same with A what next A# or some may called it as Bb what’s next a
    B…sorry for my grammar ..?

  3. Andrei Ivan says:

    You put so much soul in your videos ! Good job mate ! ^^?

  4. Doc Wilcox says:

    not just simple, but fun! Not how I learned it, but wish it was. Would have
    sunk in so much faster. Excellent!?

  5. Jasper Wilson says:

    I love this lesson.?

  6. ShaGourney Lewis says:

    wow thats crazy. you made that super simple?

  7. istabbnoobs says:

    My mind has been blown?

  8. Matt P says:

    Dude this is the best video ever. Thanks man?

  9. soadfan49 says:

    You are a god.?

  10. Gian Volante says:

    Hi from England,
    Thank you for the fantastic tuition!!!?

  11. Espen Heggheim says:

    Thanks for the amazing lesson, have been thinking about going to the next
    level in the music and i heard that i should learn the notes on the
    fretboard. this video was amazing and helpful. keep up the work :)?

  12. Noelle Sevidal says:

    “what a gift from the gods” wait what??

  13. samy raj says:

    This is the key notes I am searching from long back..finally you are the
    one gave this basic of guitar lessons. Thank you man…?

  14. Saif Ahli says:

    Thanks alot mate! best notes lesson really!?

  15. Manuel Brown says:

    Very good lesson thanks?

  16. Ory BUff says:

    awesome..will watch this video everyday to i wrote it down
    the scale on paper..THANKS?

  17. neil espiritu says:

    i want to learn to play the guitar and i think this is my stepping stone to
    victory. AHHAAHH thanks +rockongoodpeople i will memorize this all?

  18. jueh soulful says:

    Thanks this helped, so simple….?

  19. greenday sharma says:

    Best guitar tutor on youtube.Understands the word “begginer”?

  20. Mike C says:

    This is probably the most helpful video I have watched in regards to being
    a better guitar player.. Thanks a bunch.. This just makes it all make

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