Beginner Blues Guitar Lesson – Lead Guitar Tricks and Licks in E (Fancy playing made easy!)

A quick tour of the lead guitar possibilities found in the blues scale. In this lesson, I break down this “open position” scale, and demonstrate three useful licks in the styles of Stevie Ray…
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23 Responses to Beginner Blues Guitar Lesson – Lead Guitar Tricks and Licks in E (Fancy playing made easy!)

  1. swiftlessons says:

    Thanks to my friends at r/guitar for visiting and practicing with me today!?

  2. hOllOwPoiNtjOe says:

    great lesson! ?

  3. Christian Øynes says:

    This was helping me allot! Thank you so much man!:)?

  4. malcolm mee says:

    Very useful.. Cheers.?

  5. Thering44 says:

    Thank you man. Very good lesson. Salute from France?

  6. traumastriix1 says:

    thank you, Jesus for teaching me!?

  7. Jason Green says:

    Whats a hammer???

  8. LHudson ART/LIFTS says:

    Really loving this stuff subbed bro! Keep it up?

  9. Lan Lee says:


  10. Joe Smith says:

    It’s lagging so badly the video is not keeping up with the sound. Bummer.
    Owen Macklem, music scales go both ways.?

  11. Yellowkid FortyNine says:

    You look like a dude who sold me some acid at a ’68 Cream concert 😉 Nice
    job, thanks man!?

  12. Utsha Joshi says:

    Just subscribed looking forward for informative videos.

  13. TWG says:

    It might be worth pointing out that this is aimed at absolute beginners –
    2m 45s to explain a very simple lick. Good video and pitched very well for
    it’s target audience.?

  14. Cranberry Drinker says:

    thank you so much, most wonderful lesson.?

  15. BlackDayAtNight says:

    thanks! Your blues guitar lessons are great. well explained and easy to

  16. Alexandre Haratsaris says:

    Great video, nice licks.?

  17. Ruth Thompson says:

    Awesome dude!?

  18. Booboo Fender says:

    Your tour has opend so many doors, thank you for doing what you do, u have
    no idea how much u have helped me, ?

  19. Robbi Hartopo says:

    great.. easy to follow?

  20. pimi billy says:

    awesome thx?

  21. owen macklem says:

    It’s wierd u go backwards on the blues scale

  22. ModernDayBoanerges says:

    Psalm 150:4 Praise him with the timbrel and dance: praise him with stringed
    instruments and organs.

  23. swiftlessons says:

    yup, you can read them a thousand times and still not catch a mistake…I
    slapped an annotation on it. Better get my cup of coffee before tabbing.
    Thanks for the heads up!

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