Beast and the Harlot 100% FC (Guitar Hero II Expert Guitar)

EDIT: Wow this video has blown up. If you are new, welcome. I upload some FCs of songs I like or are hard. Subscribe to see some more 🙂 OLD DESCRIPTION: As …

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10 Responses to Beast and the Harlot 100% FC (Guitar Hero II Expert Guitar)

  1. ItsTime2Burn says:

    Go pick up a real guitar you loser ?

  2. Lucas Mcguire says:

    That couldn’t be more fake. I’ve done that song on expert the legit way you
    fuck. You’re the scum of the earth.?

  3. Will Inamine says:

    bad voiceeeeeeeeee… Guitar cover hero 2.?

  4. Marcin Niewa?ny says:

    I remember when easy in guitar hero was too hard for me :’) Now i am
    playing gh on expert and real guitar too.?

  5. topan harahap says:

    you are cheater FUCK !?

  6. Murillo Lee says:

    wtf, this cover is shit?

  7. Elsa queen?? says:

    what is the name of person guitar?

  8. RainbowDasherT.V. says:

    ! I love this song?

  9. Numberd2000 says:

    Why can’t they just use the real song??

  10. MGS1fan1234 says:

    nice job man but being a a7x fan, this cover is bad :(?

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