Bandini – Full Episode – EP#20

Hiten finds his guitar in the store room & also sees Santu. Tarulaben tells Hiten that she is a new maid. After Hiten leaves, Tarulaben physically assaults Santu & warns her from showing her face to any of the kids. Madho (nanaji) expresses his fear to Khemi about Santu. He informs Khemi that her marriage made Santu a mother of five children among which his eldest Son would be 3 4 years elder than Santu. Kehmi is stunned to hear this & questions Nanaji for getting Santu married in spite of knowing about Maaliks children. Nanaji (madho) tells Khemi that even if he would have told her about the kids, there was no way out but to marry Maalik as he himself proposed to marry Santu. All the kids in Dharamraajs house are at the dining table & sharing their experience of world tour. Tarulaben asks them to give a call to their father. Dharamraaj is in a meeting with his international client & he gets a call from his son. He tells his son that he is busy in a meeting & hangs up saying that he would talk later. Hiten understands that his father is too busy to spend time with his children. Champakali (the servant) is applying a cream on her face to make her complexion fair & Dharamraaj reaches home. The servant runs to wash her face as she cannot face Maalik in such a condition. Dharamraaj enters the house & calls for Champakali, Santu hears him & provides water to him for washing his hands. On seeing Santu, Dharamraaj gets irate on her & warns her to stay away. Dharamraaj meets his

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